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Making A Brighter Home With Hurricane Windows

When your windows are old, and only getting older, it’s important to get new windows. Since you live in an area of the country that has bad storms, you might want to consider hurricane windows in Lighthouse Point, FL to help you protect your home. But getting hurricane windows, while it means your house will be protected, does not mean that you aren’t going to have other choices to make. There are lots of things you can do with hurricane windows that you could also do with standard windows. You can, for example, make your home a brighter, more welcoming place to live.

Brighter homes are often perceived as more beautiful because they look larger and more open. That makes the space look warm and welcoming, which is never a bad thing. When you get replacement windows, you have the opportunity to make changes to brighten things up in your home. Whatever windows you get, they are going to have more natural lighting abilities because windows today have larger glass space due to the smaller frames. But you are also able to make larger changes if you would like.

To make one room brighter than it was before, you might want to add some windows to a window bank. You can put a window on either side of a three-window bank to give yourself five similar windows instead of just the three. You would also add windows above or below your current windows. Combining windows into one larger picture window is also a good idea. You can combine a window bank into one larger picture window. Then, if you want windows that open and close, you can add windows around the picture window.

As you cover your new windows, think about the lighting in the space as well and what you need for that room. You might want to layer treatments, so you get enough light into the room. You could get a sheer curtain, for example, that gives you a little privacy but lets more light into space. You can have shades under that, which you can close for efficiency and for further privacy and light blocking.

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Don’t forget that the more light you let into the room, the more heat you could let in. That can be stopped by putting low-E glass on the windows. This coating blocks heat and UV rays but still lets the light come into space. In Florida, the sunlight can be intense, so the more light you let in, the more heat you could let in without the low-E coatings on the glass.

When you are ready for new windows, keep in mind that while hurricane windows in Lighthouse Point, FL will protect your home well, you also want to think about other changes you might want to make to your home, like letting in more natural light. The professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors can help you with that process and any other change you want to make.