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palmtree and Highend Impact Windows & Doors

Why choose high end? Why do people buy from you?

High-End Craftsmanship

Courteous and knowledgeable we can assist with the design of your project and help you with decisions that distinguish a great job from one that is average in appearance and function.      


No nonsense did exactly what they said they would do, personable professional and completed the work in the time frame agreed upon. I felt comfortable with them being in my home.


With integrity and expertise we recognize customer concerns and expectations making the buying process as pleasant as possible with no pressure or deceit. Our clients appreciate having a partner with knowledge and enthusiasm working with them towards their goals.  We understand value and the fulfillment derived from products that satisfy desire and budget requirements. Allowing you to feel comfortable and excited with making the right choice. 


Whether it be offering advice on new product innovation or existing technology relevant to South Florida climate, our recommendations come from years of practical hands on experience and previous customer satisfaction. With consistent performance we have built strong alliances with the manufacturers, some of the best windows and doors in the industry are made right here in Broward county. aluminum or vinyl frames, Insulated glass, solar tints, as technology changes we’ve done the homework for our customers so they may benefit from what is practical and cost effective. Windows that work well in northern climates fail miserably in South Florida’s coastal conditions.


Having a passion to do it right even when the industry is doing the opposite because of lax city inspections also separates us from competitors. The industry satisfaction with “good quality” is not that good. The consumer market is beginning to comprehend what a high end installation is. Replacing existing insufficient sized wood framing, and using South Florida Building code new construction standards for retrofitting windows and doors instead of local building department codes that vary from city and county. The peace of mind knowing your windows and doors are secure and perform as they were tested. Just some of the common sense demands that have ratcheted up the competition in order to compete.


High-End Craftsmanship

When you get right down to it there are three elements that comprise a high end installation.   

 The hand skills installing your project, the art of the craft that separates you from the guy down the street. The passion and direction of the Company’s strive for excellence ensuring the job is done right every time. And the Correct Product choice based on your performance expectations, rather than manufacturer incentives that benefit the contractor. A high end completed project leaves nothing for You to finish. We even reinstall your window treatments and have our own system for keeping your home clean. Please review our installation process and procedures page. All of our installers are salaried employees we do not subcontract our installations. Everyone working on your project is covered by workers comp and liability insurance.


Quality products and installation are critical in beautifying and protecting your property from serious storm damage and intrusion. We’re confident with the expertise of our skilled workforce the materials we use and the way in which we install to new construction standards will surpass your highest expectations and the building inspectors associated with your project. High End Impact Windows and Doors make the best choice for the life of your home.

bbb - Better Business Bureau