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Comparing Hurricane Windows To Standard Models

While there are lots of choices for new windows in this region, before you get too far into the process of replacing your windows, you will want to decide if you are getting regular windows or Hurricane windows in Lighthouse Point, FL. In this area of the country, you either have to have hurricane windows or a shutter to cover your regular windows for when the storms rage. Here’s a comparison of the two models to help you make a decision so you can move forward one way or the other.

Energy Efficiency

Any new windows you get are going to be technologically advanced compared to what you have in your home now and you are going to get more efficiency out of them. But when you compare hurricane windows to regular windows, the hurricane models are going to bring more efficiency any time of the year, not just around storms. They are built to keep everything out, rain, wind, debris, and so on. They don’t budge during a bad storm so they aren’t going to let small winds and drafts in, either, which leads to further efficiency in your home.

Standard Home Safety

Of course, you want safety in your home during a storm, but you also want that safety for the rest of the year. When you get standard windows, they are harder to break and/or pry open than your old windows, that’s for sure. But they can be broken. So your home is still going to be vulnerable to intruders and even to accidents. With hurricane windows, on the other hand, the glass doesn’t break. No ball that is thrown or rock that is intentionally being used to breakthrough will do the job. The windows keep the home safe.

Storm Maintenance

With today’s technology in place, you generally have plenty of warning when a storm is going to hit. But still, when you have standard windows, that means dragging the shutters out and placing them over the windows. When the storm passes, you have to take them back down. Then, when another storm comes around, you have to do it all over again. Plus, when the shutters are up, you can’t see out of your home to watch the storm blow through. With hurricane windows, when you hear about a storm coming, you’re already ready. You don’t have to put anything up because the windows are all the protection you need. You don’t have to take anything down after the storm, either. You can just clean up the branches and debris in your yard because your house is okay.

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There are lots of advantages to hurricane windows in Lighthouse Point, FL over standard windows, and if you want to hear more about those options, the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors are here to help. When you are ready for new windows, tell us about your budget and we’ll help you work on what you need for a price you can afford. We want your home safe and comfortable for your family.