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Window Design’s Impact on the Interior of your Home

Windows are a source of light and a way for you to see what’s outside your Pompano Beach, FL home. But they also have a huge impact on the style and design of the interior of your home! Windows come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and what seems like a simple glass pane can revolutionize an entire room. If you’re looking into replacement windows, make sure you include the inside of your home in the thought process. Here are a few things to consider.

Natural Light

You want the best use of natural light in your home, especially in certain rooms, like the kitchen. Most rooms in a house have a window and you want to make sure that the rooms where you want the most natural light have more than one. Bedrooms and kitchens are best with early morning light while family rooms and dining areas can enjoy the evening light. You don’t always have those options, so make the best of the natural light you can get into your home.

Frame the Views

If you have a beautiful Florida view or a lovely deck, find a window that can frame that view. Picture windows are popular for big views because they can frame that view and allow you an uninterrupted line of sight. If your budget allows it, you can even get floor-to-ceiling windows. You don’t have to sacrifice ventilation, either, as you can put operable windows above, below, or beside larger picture windows.

Consider Skylights

Many homeowners appreciate the source of natural light that only comes from above. Skylights are an investment, but they increase your home’s value and allow you a window without wasting any space on the wall. They are a great source of natural light all day long and can even reduce overall energy consumption since you won’t need as many lights on during the day. Natural light from a skylight is seldom too bright or hot either.

Think Shapes

Windows are generally square or rectangular, but they don’t have to be. Windows can come in any shape you want and your home might be well served with a circle window over the door or a diamond window in the bathroom. If you think a shape would complement your home’s décor, it’s worth a second thought.

There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to Pompano Beach, FL replacement windows on the outside of your house. But they’ll show just as much on the inside, and you’ll notice them a lot more there since that’s where you spend more of your time. Take a step back from the project and ensure that every detail will go well with what you want inside. When you need help with the process, contact High End Impact Windows & Doors at 954-782-7100 for a free consultation. You can also stop by and see our windows in person at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. We’re here to help!

Are You Choosing the Right Windows? 5 Ways to Know

Picking the right windows can be difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible. If you’re looking for something energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, there are plenty of options. All of the items you want in your replacement windows are important to your Pompano Beach, FL home. So how do you know what you end up with is right? Here are a few ways to know you’re on the right path.

The Windows Will Keep You Cool

When you are looking at windows, you want to make sure they can block heat from sunlight, especially in a location as sunny as Pompano Beach, FL. Pay attention to the SHGC or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating. This number shows you how well the window absorbs and blocks heat. The number ranges from 0 to 1 and lower numbers are better.

The Windows Will Keep You Warm

Though Florida is generally pleasant, there can be a definite chill in the winter. You want to make sure you’ll be warm then as well and that’s where the U-factor comes in. Those numbers range from 0.20 to 1.20 and the lower the number, the more heat will stay inside your home in the winter time.

The Windows Will Shade You

Natural light is always nice, but how much is too much? Every window has a VT or visible transmittance number, which ranges from 0 to 1. The higher the number, the more light the window will allow into your home. You get to decide how much you want when it comes to what’s right for your home.

The Windows Will Increase Energy Efficiency

If you want nothing else from your windows, you want energy efficiency. There are several ways you can boost energy efficiency through replacement windows. You can save money over time and reduce the carbon footprint your home has on the environment. Some items might include triple pane glass, low-e coatings, and argon gas fillings between the panes, among others.

The Windows Will Keep You Safe

Your windows are your first line of defense against you and whatever’s outside. That might mean intruders, pests, or even bad storms. Florida is known for its hurricanes, after all, and you want to be safe. If you find windows that can protect you against flying debris, you’re making a wise decision.

Only you can decide whether or not you’ve settled on the right replacement windows for your home, but the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors can help you examine the details and make an informed decision. Give us a call at 954-782-7100 and we’d be happy to go over everything in a free consultation. We can also come to your home and check out your situation in person to make recommendations about impact windows Pompano Beach types, styles, and options. Visit us at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 to see window options in person and ensure that you’re on the right path!

Ensuring the Energy Efficiency of Replacement Windows

When you are looking for new windows, you might want a lot of things for your Pompano Beach, FL home. Perhaps you want a new color to freshen up the interior and exterior of your home. Maybe you want a low-e coating on the glass in order to protect the interior of your home from fading and UV rays. You might even want a particular style to showcase the appearance of your home. But more than anything else, you probably want energy efficiency. No one wants to pay more on their energy bills than they have to, and energy efficient windows can take those bills lower than they’ve ever been before. As you look into replacement windows, how can you make sure they are energy efficient? Here are a few tips.

Tip 1: Look at the R-value

The R-value measures the thermal resistance of replacement windows, or how much heat they can keep out of your home. You want a high number in that area. The higher the number, the more your home will be insulated against the hot Florida sun.

Tip 2: Examine the U-value

The U-value is also an important number and will showcase how much heat loss your home will have. You want a lower number here and 0.20-1.20 is best. In this case, the lower the number, the better.

Tip 3: Go with Vinyl

There are a number of materials on the market, but there’s nothing better for the Florida climate and energy efficiency than vinyl. You won’t have to worry about maintenance or painting, and you get constant energy efficiency and controlled heat transfer.

Tip 4: Watch for the Energy Star Label

Whenever you want efficiency, you want something that is Energy Star certified. Energy Star has certain requirements that windows have to meet in order to get the label. This is a good place to start when you are looking at replacement windows. If they don’t have the label, move on. If they do, look at specifics like U and R-values and compare from there.

Tip 5: Concentrate on Installation

Even if you find the best replacement windows on the market, they won’t do what they’re supposed to do unless they are installed properly. So once you find the perfect windows, you also need to find the perfect installer or the job won’t be completed to your satisfaction. Even the most energy efficient windows can be a bust if the installation goes awry.

When you work with High End Impact Windows & Doors to find replacement windows, you don’t have to worry about energy efficiency windows in Oakland Park, FL or installation. We have only the best windows, and we know that you’ll be happy with the installation. Our installers are highly qualified and experienced to ensure that everything goes perfectly in your home. Give us a call to get started on the process at 954-782-7100 or visit 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 for details on replacement windows.

Are New Windows Worth it?

If you have thought about new windows for your Pompano Beach, FL home, but aren’t sure if it’s the right time or not, you’ll want to look into the details a little further to make a final decision. You know that windows do a lot more than give you a view of your property, and when you have new windows, you’ll have a number of benefits you didn’t have before. But do they add up to enough to make the project (and its cost) worthwhile? Here are a few items to consider as you wade through the options.

New Windows Save Money

When you consider new windows, you probably think of the money you will have to spend on them. Sure, they cost money up front. They’re not going to be cheap! If you choose vinyl windows, you are getting the most cost-effective windows on the market, but they will still cost a good chunk of change to have them installed into your home. However, you have to keep in mind that new windows are going to save you money on energy bills. They’re way more energy efficient than anything you have now and they will show you an automatic savings on that bill. That savings will stick around long term, too, so you can start to pay yourself back for the money you spent right away.

New Windows Increase Comfort

When you get hot in the summer, it doesn’t seem like there’s much you can do about it other than sit in front of a fan. But when you’re running your AC, you shouldn’t have to feel hot and stuffy in your home. New windows don’t allow that to happen any longer! They keep the hot and humid Florida air out of your home and the cool air in. Your home maintains a consistent temperature with ease, making you more comfortable in every room of the house. All that and they lower bills at the same time! It sounds like a miracle.

New Windows Enhance Appearance

There are plenty of little things you can do to the interior and exterior of your home to improve appearances. But there aren’t many home improvement projects you can take on that will improve both at the same time. If your home is looking its age and you don’t like that, new windows can turn things around in a flash. New, fresh windows give your home that upgraded look and feel that brings it around to the best possible style.

So when you look into new windows Pompano Beach, FL, you have to weigh the options. Is it worth it? That’s something only you can answer. If you need further help, contact the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors by calling 954-782-7100. We can answer your questions and help you make a final decision one way or the other. You can also come see us at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

It’s The Little Things That Matter

As you examine different window materials for replacements for your Pompano Beach, FL home, a number of things might come to mind. Of course you’ve heard about vinyl windows and how energy efficient they are. You know they’re long lasting and they stand up well against the storms and sun that Florida has to offer to its residents throughout the year. But before you make a big purchase and go with vinyl windows, wouldn’t you like to know the little things that go into them as well? After all, they say it’s the little things that matter in life! Here are some of the little things you’ll enjoy knowing about vinyl windows.

  1. Cut Back on Glare

You want to see as much of your Pompano Beach view as you can, especially when it’s too hot to go outside and enjoy the Florida air yourself. But sometimes sun glare can make it hard to look out the windows in your home. But when you get vinyl windows, you’ll be cutting back on that glass glare! You can enjoy the view without squinting. There are even special coatings that minimize the amount of UV rays that come into your home so you can cut back on furniture and flooring fading issues as well.

  1. Reduce Cleaning Time

When you have vinyl windows, you don’t have to clean as much! Isn’t that a dream come true? Vinyl windows repel water and it never soaks into the frame. When you have wood, you have to be careful with anything water related. With vinyl it’s not an issue! Your house will have less dust overall because of the new, airtight windows. And the frames need nothing other than a simple wipe down every now and then.

  1. Peaceful Quiet Time

You probably blame the neighbor’s dog for the noise in your home, but instead you might want to look at your windows. When you have vinyl windows installed onto your house, you’ll notice that the sound you hear from outside while you are inside is drastically reduced. You’ll be able to enjoy quiet time in peace whenever you’d like. You and the neighbors might get along better, too!

  1. Overall Home Safety

When you get new windows, you probably think about energy efficiency first and foremost, but you are also getting extra safety for your home. Older windows are much easier for intruders to open from the outside, and the glass is much easier to break. New hardware resists tampering, and triple pane glass is downright hard to break. You will feel the security as soon as the windows are installed!

Vinyl windows have a lot of huge advantages like Energy efficient windows Pompano Beach, FL, aesthetics, and more. But the little things that add up are often the things you will notice on a daily basis. You deserve to enjoy each and every one of them! When you’re ready, call High End Impact Windows & Doors at 954-782-7100 or visit us at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

Getting a Return on Your Investment

Every homeowner works hard at their jobs to maintain their lifestyle. Sometimes that means updating the house in Pompano Beach, FL in one way or another. Perhaps the siding needs to be painted or the kitchen needs a new floor. Whatever you do to your home, you want to make sure it will look nice, last a long time, and give you a return on your investment. There are plenty of projects you can take on that will give you a good return. Here are a few to consider.

Entry Door Replacement

Many homeowners like this project because it is relatively inexpensive compared to other projects and it as a 98% return on investment number. Plus you get better security and energy efficiency, and usually added curb appeal as well.

Siding Replacement

Siding is a huge project, but if you decide your home really needs it, the investment you put into the house isn’t one that will go unanswered. You can get up to 83% ROI for this project. Plus your home will be better insulated and look nicer as well.

Minor Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home and virtually anything you do to improve it will upgrade the value of your home. You can expect an 81% return on any investment you make in the kitchen. A minor remodel might be refacing the cabinets or replacing an appliance or two.

Garage Door Replacement

Eventually, garage doors will wear out on you. They’re mechanical conveniences that break down over years of use. If you replace your garage door, you can get something sleek, new and upgraded. It’ll look better, protect your home better, and be worth more. You’ll see anywhere up to 80% ROI on this project.

Adding a Deck

Adding a deck can bring a whole new world to your Pompano Beach, FL home. Outdoor living is key in an area like this, and having a deck can help your home have the space it needs to enjoy the outdoors more often. Add a deck and you’ll likely see up to 80% of your money come back to you when you sell the home.

Window Replacement

Windows are another huge project, but they are also highly important. When your windows are old and broken down, they are costing you a lot of money in repairs as well as on your energy bills. When you get new windows, you get a 79% ROI, and you automatically start saving money right away on your energy bills. New windows look great, both inside and out, and can make a world of difference in the comfort of your home.

There are plenty of good projects as far as ROI is concerned, but getting new windows Pompano Beach, FL will change the look and feel of your home. Contact High End Impact Windows & Doors at 954-782-7100 or stop by 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 for more information.

Uses for Old Windows

When you are putting new windows into your Pompano Beach, FL home, you may be excited about all of the benefits that go with that. Your home will be more comfortable! Your bills will be lower! You’ll be more energy efficient! The house will look better inside and out! Beyond that, however, you have to think about your old windows. Sure, the window replacement company can probably haul them away for you and get rid of them. But is there something you can do with them to make use of them in other ways? Here are a few fun ways you can use your old windows in a fun manner. You might not want to keep them all, but a few can come in handy for such projects.

Idea 1: Make a Picture Frame

Take an old window frame and remove the glass. You have an automatic frame that gives you a taste of what your home used to look like. You can frame a large picture in it or string twine between the edges of the frame and hang pictures with clothes pins. It’s a great way to rotate pictures with ease and a beautiful way to keep some of the memories of your home alive. It’s a lot easier to care for one frame than it is a whole house full of old frames. Plus, you don’t have to worry about efficiency!

Idea 2: Build a Green House

If you want to be more eco-friendly, perhaps you started with getting new windows. But you shouldn’t stop there! Consider taking some of the old window frames and building green houses with them. The old windows can be like pyramids on the top of planting boxes. The glass protects the plants while bringing in the sunlight they need. They’re doing more good for the environment in that manner than they were before!

Idea 3: Create Mirrors with Old Windows

If you want your rooms to look bigger, natural light is a go-to staple. But after that, adding a mirror can help. Mirrors can be boring, but if you add an old window to the mix, it can bring charm and character to the room. Take several old windows, paint them how you want, and add them to your home in a few different locations with mirrors added to them instead of glass.

There are plenty of things you can do with old windows other than just discard them. If you have a creative streak in you, hang on to a few windows in decent condition and use them elsewhere in your home. You never know what you might come up with and it’s better than discarding the windows completely.

When the time comes to get those Pompano Beach, FL new windows, contact High End Impact Windows & Doors at 954-782-7100. Our experts will give you a free consultation to help you figure out what’s best for your home. Stop by and see us at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060!

Grid Styles and Options

Once you decide that your new windows will be vinyl and that they will have impact resistant glass and so on, you still have smaller decisions to make that will have a say in how your windows look and feel on your home. If you know you want grids on your windows, you then have to decide between all of the many options. Here are a few tips to help you wade your way through window grids so you can find what will fit your Pompano Beach, FL home the best.

Colonial/Cape Cod Style

If you have this type of home, you will usually have double-hung windows that have six square grids on the top and bottom of each portion of the window. This is the traditional style, but of course, as the homeowner, you can do whatever you’d like.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman homes have full pane windows on the bottom and accented divided panes on the top. This style of grids are most often found on double-hung windows so there is a distinct separation between one window and another. The grids on top are usually longer vertically and have three long panes without horizontal grids.

Prairie Style

If you have casement windows on your home, prairie style grids are the most popular. They can also be placed on double-hung windows. This grid style has a pattern with small square panes in each former and longer ones in along the top and bottom. The middle of the window is open for viewing since the grids are all on the outer edges of the window pane.

Victorian/Neo-Victorian Style

If you’ve ever seen anything truly Victorian, you know there are elaborate decorations that go with the style. You might see diamond grids on the top of the window sash in double hung windows with full glass panels on the bottom. There are also often enhanced colors on the grid patterns for more elaborate decorative manners.

As you may have noticed, there are plenty of options when it comes to grids for your new windows Pompano Beach, FL. And these are just a few examples! If you know what materials you want, what color you’ll choose, and how many panes of glass you want, the grids might be about the only decision you have left to make. However, it’s still an important decision. The grids will make a statement in how your windows look and they’ll also dictate how much of a view you have.

When you’re ready to make the decisions on windows, both large and small, the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors are here to help. Just call us at 954-782-7100 with any questions you have about windows, grids, or anything in between. We want you to have the right windows all the way down to the little details. You can stop by and see examples in our showroom at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 where we’re happy to show you around or let you browse on your own!

Do You Want Grids on Your Windows?

When you are getting new windows for your home in Pompano Beach, FL, there are a lot of questions you will need to answer. Do you want vinyl materials? Do you want impact resistant glass? Should the glass have a low-e coating? Do you want to fill the panes with argon or krypton gas? And so on and so forth. But there are a lot of little details that affect the aesthetics of the windows, too. What style windows do you want? What color should they feature? Do you want grids in them? Sometimes, the bigger decisions are easier. It’s the little things that trip you up! When you are looking at home windows in Pompano Beach and you’re wondering if you want grids or not, take these items into consideration.

Neighbors’ Homes

You don’t always need to have just what your neighbors have. In fact, it’s hard to “Keep up with the Joneses,” Right? But you will want to consider what’s standard and accepted in your neighborhood. If absolutely everyone has grids on their windows, you might not want to be the only house without them. On the other hand, if having a clean, clear view without the grids is more the norm, that may sway your decision as well.

Home Style

Consider your home’s style when you think about whether or not you want grids. Look at pictures online and see what kind of windows fit in best with that style. You can also drive around your area, looking for other homes like yours. If you have a colonial home, for example, most of those homes have windows with grids in them.

Curb Appeal or Vision?

You want your home to have a good curb appeal, of course, and sometimes grids can give it that. However, you also may want to be able to see out of your windows well. Consider your view. Is it something you want to see in all its glory? Or is it okay to break it up into sections with grids? You don’t need to have grids on every window, either. Perhaps the view from the back of the house is better. Leave those windows open while placing grids on the front of the house for aesthetics.

In the end, the decision is completely yours. But sometimes it’s helpful to have professionals on hand to help you with the little decisions. Contact High End Impact Windows & Doors by calling 954-782-7100 for help with all of the details, big and small. We want you to have the perfect windows for your house and that means going over everything from the material to the hardware and even the grids. Stop by and see what our showroom offers at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. We can show you the difference between windows with and without grids in person so you can imagine what they would look like on your home. We’re here for you from the beginning all the way through the installation!

Are Sliding Windows Right for You?

When you look at replacement windows for your Pompano Beach, FL home, you will soon realize there are a lot more options now than there were the last time you bought windows! Or perhaps you’ve never bought windows before, but you’ll still be astounded by the vast array of items you could purchase for your home. There are different materials, styles, colors, and hardware. While all of the choices you make are important, the style will do a lot for the look and function of your home. Let’s think about sliding replacement windows today to give you an idea whether or not they would work for you.

What are sliding windows?

If you aren’t familiar with sliding windows, they are basically like double hung windows turned on their side. Sliding windows have two sashes that can slide in either direction and can lift out for interior cleaning with ease. The low profile windows don’t crank open and are easy to place anywhere you want them.

Sliding Window Benefits

There are lots of reasons you might want sliding windows in your home. They can give you more width than height so they are great for places that aren’t very tall, but places where you still want ventilation and natural light. They can also give you a panoramic view of whatever is outside your home. These windows are also energy efficient and don’t have a lot of complicated parts that allow places to leak air. Since you have lots of energy efficient glass options, they can keep your home at a normal consistent temperature all year long. They are also great for ventilation when you open both sides since the fresh air can come in one side and the stale air can go out the other.

Do You Want Sliding Windows?

Ultimately, the style of replacement windows you get is completely up to you. Not many homeowners choose the same window style for every area of their home. You might want sliding windows in your dining room and double hung in the bedrooms, for example. The placement of your sliding windows is up to you, but the options can get overwhelming. That’s where professionals can come in to help you with the tough decisions.

When you’re ready for Pompano Beach, FL windows replacement, whether you know what you want or not, the experts at High End Impact Windows & Doors are here to help. We can help you with the process no matter what stage you are in. If you have no idea where to start, we’ll give you a starting point. If you know what you want and just need to find the right manufacturer, we’ll help with that too. We’ll guide you through the options so you can make informed decisions from start to finish. Give us a call at 954-782-7100 or visit our showroom at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 so we can show you the options available in person.