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Buck Replacement

Protect yourself because; The Buck Stops Here

The Majority of Building departments in Broward and Palm Beach do not do in progress inspections for retrofit installs “old windows out new ones in” as they do with new construction guaranteeing the integrity of the substructure that is covered after the new window secured. Most cities require a Final inspection Only.

Consumers are being deceived by contractors and building departments by believing their windows are installed to manufactures specifications without the wood bucks being the proper width. Not to mention old wood bucks are secured to the concrete walls with old iron cut nails instead of three inch screws like the ones used when products are tested. Lax enforcement of these codes for retrofit jobs allow contractors to install windows and doors to inadequate standards and still pass a code inspection. The building departments have no Responsibility or Liability because they issued and signed off on a permit like the majority of homeowners believe. Its up to You to assure the integrity of the work performed on your project.

The wood buck or frame supports the window from the concrete walls. This wood needs to be at least as wide as the new window frame according to installation protocols set by Florida building code. Most old window frames are half as wide as a quality hurricane impact window. New construction codes demand "the wood bucks shall extend beyond the interior face of the new window or door frame such that full support of the frame is provided". The same standard used by Manufacturers and Miami -Dade County when windows are tested to obtain their windstorm rating.

Follow the pictures and you will see the correct way an opening needs to be prepared for a retrofit install. Cutting around the old windows the concrete is then chipped out to provide space for a 1x3" piece of pressure treated wood secured with 3" tapcons replacing iron nails and inadequate sized wood sub framing. Now your 170mph window has the same installation and required attachments to perform as tested by the Manufacturer and Miami-Dade testing documents NOA's.

Our installers are Employees. We do not use Sub Contractors.