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Buck Replacement

Protect yourself because; The Buck Stops Here

Why are local building departments ignoring the replacement of the wood bucks for retrofit installation?

The wood buck is the sub structure frame work between the window and the concrete walls. This wood needs to be at least as wide as the window frame according to installation protocols set by the Florida building code. Yet most old windows and framing are inch and a half wide and new hurricane impact windows are Twice that. New construction codes demand "the wood bucks shall extend beyond the interior face of the window or door frame such that full support of the frame is provided". This same standard is used when windows are tested to obtain their windstorm rating.

Consumers are being deceived by contractors and the building departments by believing their windows are installed to manufactures specifications without wood bucks being the proper width. Not to mention old wood bucks are secured to the concrete walls with iron cut nails instead of three inch screws like the ones used when products are tested. Perhaps Insurance company influence has allowed this substandard installation to proliferate as their liability for catastrophic loss eliminated with state code installation violation. Local city building departments have no Responsibility nor Liability for loss because they sign off on a permit like the majority of homeowners believe.

There is no course of action with your insurance company either, if your windows and doors have not been installed to florida building code, ignoring this is not prudent thinking.

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