How to Know When it’s Time to Replace and Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior Doors and Windows?

High End Impact Windows & Doors Shares the Signs Homeowners Should Be Looking Out For.

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Knowing when your home’s exterior doors and windows need to be replaced isn’t always so obvious. While the purchase of and upgrade to a new impact window and door system can be costly, it is a wise investment that will increase your home’s value and appearance. New impact windows and doors will perform for many years, providing security, protection, noise reduction and energy savings. 

If your home is 15 years or older, you should evaluate its window operation and performance. Here are some factors to consider that will help determine if it is time to shop for new impact windows and doors:

Are your home’s windows single or double paned? Many older homes still have the original windows intact that were built with single-pane glass. Single-pane glass windows are not energy efficient. When it is hot outside, single-pane windows will feel hot to the touch. They are known to develop condensation on their interior side, or even frost in a cold environment. The basic standard for efficiency in windows is double paned glass. If your windows are not double paned, they are not energy efficient and are below standard. For Florida residents, impact window and door systems that resist extreme weather and temperatures are also an absolute necessity to protect your property from storms and intrusion.

Do your windows operate easily? Do your windows close and lock properly? Windows that get stuck in the up or down position, or refuse to close for a tight seal leak a lot of air and causes your AC system to constantly run. For this reason alone, these windows should be replaced. Air may escape from windows and doors even when they are closed. Escaping air can dramatically affect the energy efficiency of your home, driving up your monthly energy bill.

Do your windows leak, or let in too much air during the winter season or hot summer days? Just as you want to prevent air from escaping, you should not feel a draft of any sort when walking past a window or door inside of your home. The weather and noise outside should not affect your home’s environment inside. Fully functional, energy efficient windows will not allow air in or out, leak, or let water and exterior noise infiltrate your home. Not only will old, worn out windows allow water to enter, water may even find its way inside of your walls. When this situation occurs and goes undetected, mold and mildew may grow within the home, posing serious health risks to those living inside, and requiring costly remediation.
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