Before The Storm: Regular Versus Hurricane Windows

If you’re thinking about getting new windows installed onto your house, your old windows must not be performing well. When you get new windows, it’s a good time to make changes that you might want in your new models. Many people in this area of the country lean toward getting hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It’s obvious why you would want these windows around the nasty storms that can come through the region. But let’s compare some of the benefits of having hurricane windows versus regular windows before the storms hit. Here are a few details to consider:

Immediate Protection

If you install new, regular windows, when the hurricanes roll through, and you know they will, you have to get out the hurricane shutters and cover up the windows to protect your home. That’s a lot of work and it’s something you might have to do several times during a bad hurricane season. If you go with hurricane windows instead, you don’t have that hassle. The windows are ready to go, whenever the storm hits, even if it’s sudden. You don’t have to do anything at all to know your home is ready and protected.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Any new windows you get will help your home with its energy efficiency. Even standard windows have high levels of technology included to help you save more energy. But if you want to go above and beyond the norm, hurricane windows can really add extra effort. These windows don’t let hurricane winds through. Do you really think they’re going to let through a small draft on a normal day? No way. You’ll have more efficiency than you ever dreamed and lower energy bills at the same time.

The Appearance Is On Point

Some people lean toward regular windows because they don’t want the big, bulky appearance that they assume hurricane windows will have. That must mean that they haven’t seen hurricane windows lately. You can hardly tell the two styles apart in appearance. Hurricane windows are sleek and streamlined and there’s nothing big or bulky about them—other than their way superior strength.

You’ll want to compare what regular windows and hurricane windows can do for your home during a storm as well. That’s even more convincing than this comparison. But knowing how the differences in the two window types can impact everyday life in your home is important.

If you’ve decided to go with hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL, or if you’re at least interested in more details, the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors are here to help. Call us at (954) 782-7100 and we’ll help you figure out what direction to take from here. You can also visit with us in person at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060, take a look at hurricane windows in person, ask questions, and go from there. We want the best for your home and budget, whatever that ends up being.

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