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Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows and Doors for your Ft. Lauderdale Home

Fort Lauderdale Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

High End Impact Windows & Doors is a licensed and insured contractor serving residential and commercial clients in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. We offer only the best quality impact resistant window and door products and installation service, beautifying and protecting your property from serious storm damage and intrusion. Our company name was chosen to reflect the unparalleled level of service, installation, and quality products we provide each and every impact window and door client. Call 954-782-7100 for a free in-home consultation and estimate today.

Living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, you are likely very familiar with hurricane impact resistant windows and doors. Although only hurricane shutters are required to meet Ft. Lauderdale building code, the popularity of hurricane impact resistant windows is a direct result from Florida residents realizing their benefits. Hurricane protection is just the beginning of the benefits these windows have to offer. High quality hurricane impact resistant windows do so much more for your home, family and belongings. Custom built windows help provide superior energy efficiency, noise reduction and increased security for homeowners all across our state. Finding the right hurricane impact resistant windows and doors for your home can be overwhelming and somewhat confusing. At High End Impact Windows and Doors located in Pompano Beach, you will find experienced experts who will ensure you find only the highest quality products, professional attention and expert installation services to help you make the best decisions for your home.

Are hurricane impact resistant windows and doors required in Florida?

Any property must have hurricane protection on both windows and doors. Hurricane Impact resistant windows and doors are required for any building because they have the best security against hurricane-force winds, which often hit South Florida each year. With strong hurricane impact windows and doors, you ensure the safety of your family from hurricanes especially in a hurricane-prone state of Florida.

Why Choose High End Impact Windows and Doors?

We specialize in hurricane impact windows, doors, shutters, and commercial entry doors. We are expertly trained with decades of experience. We are focused on delivering high-end craftsmanship at exceptional pricing. We offer a high level of “white glove” customer service. We aim to prove that our “High End” name is reflective of the products and service our clients can expect. At High End Impact Windows and Doors, we focus on educating our clients and we strive to build a trusted and professional relationship that compels our clients to refer us to others. We are A-rated by the Better Business Bureau and are a participating contractor.

What Are Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows?

Hurricane impact resistant windows are made of laminated glass, which consists of two or more panes that has clear plastic-like film between each pane and then it is all bonded together. The layering of materials and their thickness is what makes these windows withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris. Hurricane impact resistant windows can break however, they will not break completely. In the event of a broken window, the plastic interlayer holds the glass fragments in place and keeps them intact. This will prevent water, wind or flying debris from entering through the window and into a home or other structure. Any window labeled impact resistant must undergo testing on the glass, frame, attachment hardware, as well as the installation method. It must be approved for wind load and wind-borne debris, and be able to stop a two by four fired at 50 feet per second.

At High End Impact Windows and Doors, we offer a large selection of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors from premier manufacturers such as TM Florida’s Best, Windoor and Eurotech. All of our products are designed to meet or exceed Florida’s most stringent building codes. Our brands offer a large variety of architectural styles in a range of designer colors.

Hurricane impact resistant windows and doors can be configured to have Low E glass to significantly improve energy efficiency. With the current Low E glass technology, homeowners can obtain high levels of year-round comfort while achieving important energy savings. The latest Low E glasses deliver the ideal balance between solar control and high visibility. This balance represents a great feature.

By filtering out 99% of UV rays, our hurricane impact resistant windows can shield your furniture, carpet, artwork and window treatments from the effects of fading caused by the sun. We also offer a variety of high-performance glass options that feature tints and Low-E coatings that help reduce solar heat gain, increase comfort and help you better manage energy costs. Energy Star rated hurricane impact resistant windows and doors have been proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.

The laminated glass in hurricane impact resistant windows and doors absorbs sound rather than transmitting it, which helps to keep the world and its disruptions outside where they belong. The use of laminated instead of annealed glass can result in an additional perceived loudness reduction of approximately 30% for a standard mixture of aircraft, railroad and vehicular traffic noise.

The installation of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors can help to reduce the effect of outside noise by up to 50%. Impact windows and doors can help make your home a more tranquil environment. This is especially beneficial in areas with heavy traffic or airport noise. In fact, the same type of glass is often used in airports and recording studios to significantly reduce ambient noise. Also, breaking a window is the most common means of entry for an intruder. With hurricane impact resistant windows the same effortless protection that guards against hurricane damage also deters intruders.

Many insurance companies recognize the protection that hurricane impact resistant windows and doors provide and offer discounts on premiums. In order to obtain the discounts or credits, all the openings in the home must be protected. Homeowners with questions should contact their insurance agents to make sure they are receiving proper credit for any steps take to strength their home.

We invite you to experience the High End difference for yourself. Give us a call at (954)782-7100 or fill out the online contact form on our website. We would be happy to meet with you at our state of the art showroom at 1472 South Dixie Highway E Pompano Beach, FL 33060. Here you will be able to view our vast assortment of hurricane impact resistant windows and patio doors. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with information and suggestions to help you understand and evaluate the best options for your Ft. Lauderdale home.

Hurricane Windows and Doors FAQs

What are the advantages of installing impact windows and doors?

Do impact windows increase home value?

  • Installing impact windows and doors is one home improvement that returns over 90% of the value invested. In fact according to a cost versus value report published for the association of appraisers, almost all of the cost of new windows are added to the value of the residence. That means the cost of the windows is not an expense but an investment which pays dividends when the home is sold. To know more about how impact windows can increase home value, click here.

Do impact windows reduce insurance?

  • While hurricane impact resistant windows and doors save you a lot of worry when you have a hurricane heading your way, they’ll save you money on your insurance premiums as well. Insurance companies want to know that you are doing everything you can to protect your home. Getting these windows is an upgrade they will recognize, and they will likely reduce your premiums because of the windows. For more information on how impact windows can affect your insurance, click here.

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