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Noise Reduction In Hurricane Windows

Many homes have noise issues of some kind or another. What’s yours? Perhaps the neighbor has a noisy dog. Maybe you live by the beach and people walk by all the time. It could be an interstate close by. Whatever is it, you probably don’t like it and you’d love more peace and quiet in your home. When you need to get new windows for your house, it’s likely that in this area of the country, you are considering hurricane window in Fort Lauderdale, FL. That’s a great idea because your home will be much safer in storms. Plus, you get better energy efficiency than you’ve ever had before. However, another perk is the huge reduction in the noise you hear inside your house from the things going on around you.

Think about what hurricane windows have to have to protect your house from a hurricane. They have multi-layered, thick glass that doesn’t break. The frames, while they look nice and thin and like normal frames, are hugely sturdy and efficiency as well. Those things, when you add them together, give you a noise barrier like you didn’t have before. The noise from outside could be reduced as much as 40% with windows of this nature. The layers of glass are held together with shatterproof membranes to prevent breaking and all of the things that add up reduce the noise that can come in.

Normal windows can dampen sounds from outside, but you still hear them. Noise pollution is irritating and can ruin your relaxation and your mood. If you need new windows that are going to replace something old and worn out anyway, hurricane windows are the obvious choice. You can look forward to storm protection, energy efficiency, lower bills, more temperature comfort and, last but not least, noise reduction.

While most people get these windows for their other qualities, there’s nothing wrong with getting them just because of the noise reduction. Florida isn’t the only area of the country to sell these windows. In fact, other states have them and often sell them because of the noise reduction and not the storm protection.

So while your motive might be efficiency and protection, there’s nothing wrong with getting something extra when you order your hurricane window in Fort Lauderdale, FL. You preserve peace, quiet, and the chance to relax in your home. When you’re ready to make the move, or if you want to start looking into the details, contact the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors by calling (954) 782-7100. We understand this is an investment and you deserve to get everything out of it you can while you are at it. You can set up a free consultation with us and we’ll answer anything you need to know with no pressure on you to make decisions. You can also visit us in our showroom to take a look at options and ask more questions. We’re located at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060.