Impact Windows and Doors: High End Impact Windows & Doors, South Florida Experts Share Information About How Choosing the Right Window and Door Contractor Will Add Value to Your Home

High End Impact Window & Doors explains how to properly replace the old windows and doors in your home.

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High End Impact Windows & Doors has 20 years experience in the storm protection industry, located in Pompano Beach South Florida, we serve all of Miami Dade  Broward and Palm Beach counties. High End has developed solid relationships with the premier Window and Door manufacturers throughout South Florida providing only the highest quality, impact windows and doors.

Many Floridians do not realize how many short cuts are being made with retrofitting old window and doors with new impact window and door systems.

Here are some short comings to watch for when having new high impact windows and doors installed:

With a window installation from Highend Retro-Fit means just that…the new windows replaced are the same size as the ones removed and installed according to Florida Building Code new construction standards.

Unfortunately building code enforcement vary between cities allowing for sub standard retrofit installations to occur.

Retro-Install allows the windows to be made smaller when wood bucks are not replaced for ease of  fit. Although this compromises the  “as tested performance” by the Miami Dade  NOA’s. This practice is condoned by most Building Departments in Broward and Palm Beach county with no in progress inspections. Easier, faster, less cost and mess a lot of homeowners receive this level of installation.
Not knowing the “as tested performance” of the product is negated by this practice and the

  • Rresponsibility for installation rests ultimately with the homeowner.
  • Is you contractor replacing the old wood framing around your new windows?
  • Impact windows can be twice the depth of your old window frames.  {See Bucks and Mullbars} on Web site
  • Read the warranty fine print for customer obligations in keeping a valid manufacturers warranty
  • The knowledgeable team at High End Impact Windows & Doors works with every client to educate them on the products available and proper installation according to the specifications required by those manufacturers.

Highend clients who investigate understand the common sense in having windows and doors installed for the life of their Home. Competent and prepared doing it right with little or no added expense or inconvenience is what we do!

  • Properly installed High impact window and door systems protect your family 27/7 against storms home invasions and will reduce outside noise as well. Consumers can save up to 44% on their homeowner’s insurance. Thicker heat strengthened  glass and solar tints provide more efficiency not all products carry the same level of protection.                     

The products distributed by High End Impact Windows & Doors are engineered and performance tested to strict standards… the day to day operation of our previous customers. High End offers products that are trouble and worry free, offering the highest level of performance, style, and around the clock protection.

New impact window and doors improve the appeal and increase property value.

High End Impact Windows & Doors is fully licensed and insures their own installation crews with almost two decades of experience. We provide every customer with an honest assessment of which products will perform best in their home, based on the following

  • Budget
  • •Site specifics
  • •Manufacturers specifications

Customer expectations

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