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Are Hurricane Windows What You Want?

If you need new windows in your home, there’s a wide variety of options on the market. But when you live in a hurricane-prone region, you have two basic options: standard windows and hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Are hurricane windows what you really want? Here’s a short list of some things homeowners generally want for their new windows. Let’s see if hurricane windows measure up.

Item 1: A Fresh Beauty

Many homeowners get new windows because their old windows are worn out and look old and rundown. That can make the whole house look poor. When you get new windows, you want then to infuse a fresh level of beauty into your home. With their new look and appealing style, they can raise the curb appeal of your home as well as the interior design of the space in every room of the house. Standard windows can give you this new appeal, but so can hurricane windows. The difference is that hurricane windows bring much more.

Item 2: Fewer Chores

It’s nice to be able to take some chores off your list any way you can and when you get new windows, you can certainly knock some chores off that list. Any window, if you get vinyl, can take maintenance chores off the list. Hurricane windows can do that as well, but they also cross another chore off the list. The chore of putting up hurricane shutters when nasty storms come around in the future. The windows are always ready, so you don’t have to worry about putting up the shutters to protect your home.

Item 3: Higher Home Value

Whenever you make a big investment in your home, you want it to pay off in a higher home value. Getting new windows of any kind can do that. The higher you get in quality, the higher the value will go. While standard replacement windows will raise the value of your home, hurricane windows will take it to the next level since buyers know just how well those windows can serve a home.

Item 4: Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners place energy efficiency at the top of the list of things they want for their home when they get new windows. While even standard windows can raise efficiency, if you really want high efficiency, hurricane windows can do even more. If they don’t let hurricane winds through, of course they aren’t going to let even small drafts through.

When you are ready for new windows, consider the things that hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL can do for your home beyond the ordinary. These windows will protect your home from storms, but they really are good for a house any time of the year for a variety of reasons. When you have questions, call High End Impact Windows & Doors at (954) 782-7100 or visit us at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 for more details. You can also check our website for information at

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