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Getting High Air Quality In The Home

Breathing air is something you do without thinking. But when you do think about it, wouldn’t you rather breathe clean air? Of course! The air quality in your home is very important and there are things you can do to heighten its quality. If you have allergies or asthma, it’s even more important to have good air quality at home. But really, anyone wants to have the high air quality that is possible with a few checks and changes, like getting hurricane windows in Oakland Park, FL. Here are some things to do to check and increase the air quality in your home.

Check/Clean Out Air Ducts

The air ducts in your house are what the HVAC system pushes air through to the rest of the house. When there’s dust in those ducts, it gets blown around through the rooms. Having ducts that are plugged up decreases your efficiency in the home, but it also decreases the air quality in the home. You want those vents to be nice and clean, so dust isn’t blown back out into your home. Have the ducts checked when you have an AC or HVAC check and get them professionally cleaned out every now and then.

Change Air Filters

The Filters on your HVAC system run air through them before blowing it out into your home. When those filters capture enough dust and dirt, they stop being able to catch more and the dirt ends up going into the home’s air more often. It can also decrease the home’s efficiency and the air quality goes down as well. Change the filters once a month and think about hypo-allergenic filters to improve air quality even more.

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Install Hurricane Windows

If you have older windows, they leak air in and out, which means any pollen in the air outside can get into the air inside with ease. When you get new windows that seal up the home, those air leaks are no longer an issue and you are able to seal your home up against irritants that might be in the air outside. Your AC can finally clean the air and keep it clean, so you know that the air you have inside your home is high in quality.

Hurricane windows in Oakland Park, FL can do a lot of things for your home, including increasing the air quality. If you have allergies or asthma, that item might be even higher on your list than others. But it’s always nice to know the air you have for your family is the best possible air you can bring to the home. New windows can also heighten efficiency, save on energy bills and, of course, protect the home in the event of a bad storm. When you are ready for all of those things—and more, call the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors and start looking into the process. We’re here to help you through the process and allow you to make important decisions at your own pace.