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Garden Hurricane Windows

When you are about to install hurricane windows in Lighthouse Point, FL, you know your home is going to be safer than ever before. It’s important to you that you get just the right products because you know they are going to be in your home for decades. This is a good chance for you to make any changes you might want to make. You could, for example, change a picture window into a bay or bow window. You could also install a garden window in the kitchen.

Garden windows stick out of the home and look like a box. They work with modern and other architectural styles. You will want to place one of these windows right so they don’t stick out over a walkway or patio and get in the way, but otherwise, they can fit into many different locations. If you like to garden, but you don’t have time for a large garden outside or you haven’t had luck in this climate, perhaps having something small in a garden window inside would suit you better.

It can be a lot of fun to have a garden window where you can grow your own flowers to brighten the room. You can also have an herb garden and use fresh herbs in the kitchen whenever you need them. If you have friends over and they compliment the flavors of the meal, you can point out that the herbs you used to spice things up were taken from your very own plants in the garden window.

Garden windows give the plants the sunlight they need without heat transmission and UV rays. You get the light you want without the heat and the plants get what they need without getting too hot in the extreme heat that can come to this area in certain seasons. You can garden any time of the year, whether it’s a chilly winter or a super-hot summer.

It’s a lot easier to care for a small garden inside since it’s always there before you. You can’t forget to water it when you see it every day whenever you’re in that room. And when you want to harvest things, you can do so right then and there without having to go anywhere at all.

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Some homeowners like garden windows for their extra light and views, but they don’t use them for gardens at all and that’s okay, too. They make a good shelving area for knick-knacks, pictures, statues, and other things.

If you are considering hurricane windows in Lighthouse Point, FL and you want to see if you have a good spot for a garden window in your home, the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors can take a look and give you advice as to what might work well. We’re here to help you and give you options to consider so you are confident about the choices you make once the installation day comes around. We want you to love the results you get, with the garden window and every other window.