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Are Picture Hurricane Windows Safe In Hurricanes?

If you’ve seen hurricanes roll through the state before, it might be obvious to you that the most vulnerable part of any home is its glass—the windows. When you are ready to replace your windows, that fact could lead you right toward hurricane windows in Oakland Park, FL. These windows really are the best idea for homes in this area. They’re always there for the home when needed. No one has to install shutters over them in a rush and hope they did a good enough job. Plus, they’re efficient and work for the home in every season of the year, storms or no storms. When you get new windows, you might want to make some changes to the old configuration you have. Would you like a picture window? Perhaps that’s a dream of yours, but if you are thinking about whether or not that kind of window (with even more glass space) would be safe in a storm, read on.

Hurricane windows are hurricane windows, no matter how large or small they might be. They have been tested to withstand missile strikes so they can certainly take the debris that’s flying around the outside of your home during a bad storm. If you want to get a larger window, you can do so without worrying about whether or not the windows will be okay in storms. IF they are hurricane windows, they are just as strong no matter what their size might be.

That being said, you will want to think about your reasons for getting a picture window. Perhaps you have a good view out of the back of your house, and you want to see more of it. Even on a hot or cold day, you can enjoy the view inside if you have a larger window. Some homeowners also want more natural light in their home That can be accomplished when you put in a picture window so you can get more light to come in. The rooms look larger, more open, and even more welcoming with more light. Picture windows are great for that.

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The downside to picture windows is that they don’t open. If you want to ventilate the room as well, you might want to put smaller windows that operate around them. That can give you even more of the view and light, however, which only adds to the space in ways that you want.

When you are looking into hurricane windows in Oakland Park, FL, and you are considering changing a bank of windows to a picture window, you don’t have to worry about that window being more vulnerable because of its size. Instead, choose what you want and understand that hurricane windows, no matter how larger or small they are and no matter what shape they come in, are going to be there for your home during the storms and every day between. Contact the pros at High End Impact Windows & Doors with any other questions you have to get started.