Fort Lauderdale, FL hurricane windows

Benefit Your Back Account With Hurricane Windows

Living in Florida certainly comes with a lot of benefits. You get more sunshine than other states and nicer weather as well. But there are downsides to this lifestyle as this area of the country is known for nasty hurricanes during certain seasons. Many residents have hurricane shutters to cover their windows and protect their homes. While that works, Fort Lauderdale, FL hurricane windows come with a lot of other benefits besides home protection during hurricanes. In fact, you can even see an increase in your budget after these windows are installed. Here are just a few ways that hurricane windows can benefit your bank account.  

Way 1: Hurricane Windows Cut Back On Bills 

No one really enjoys paying their energy bills, do they? Especially when they only seem to rise and never go back down. One way to force the bill back into a more reasonable range is to get hurricane windows. Sure, the windows cost money upfront, but they start to save you money on your energy bills right away, so you can pay yourself back. You have the peace of mind knowing your home is safe during hurricanes and more money in your monthly budget for things you actually want to buy. Your home’s energy efficiency will soar with hurricane windows installed.  

Way 2: Fewer Random Fixes 

If you live in a neighborhood with any kids, or on a golf course, chances are your windows have met some kind of ball in an up close and personal manner. You never know what might happen to a window and if you want to prevent repairs as much as possible, you can save money with hurricane windows. You can actually throw a brick against these windows and they won’t break—that’s why they’re so good in hurricanes. But you won’t have to worry about random repairs and fixed between storms, either. That ends up saving you money you wouldn’t have had to spend otherwise.  

Way 3: Hurricane Windows Prevent Hurricane Damage 

Hurricane windows are great for a variety of things throughout the year, but once hurricane season rolls around, the windows can really shine and add money to your bank account. Sure, you have insurance so if anything happens to your home, you have some help. But there’s always deductibles and what about the things in your home you just can’t replace, like pictures? Hurricane windows save you from having to pay for any kind of damage after a bad storm—and they give you peace of mind in the meantime.  

Fort Lauderdale, FL hurricane windows can make a world of difference on your home—and in your bank account. They cost money upfront, but they pay you back on your energy bills, your increased home value, and by preventing damage during storms and at other times of the year. Where can you get these windows? High End Impact Windows & Doors. Call us at (954) 782-7100 for a free consultation. You can also stop by our showroom to see hurricane windows at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. 

Fort Lauderdale, FL hurricane windows

Protecting A Home During Hurricanes With Hurricane Windows

Your family is precious to you and there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to protect them. Because your family lives in your house, you also want to protect the home. They often say that home is where the heart is and it’s true that you have a lot of possessions that can’t be replaced. Think of all the photo albums and memorabilia from your family’s life together. While you can’t do anything about the hurricanes that come by, you can get Fort Lauderdale, FL hurricane windows and do your best to protect your home, your family, and all of your possessions during those scary times.  

Hurricane Windows Won’t Crumble 

High winds are always scary, but they pose the most danger when they throw debris through the air. You never know what might hit the glass on your windows if there are items from down the street flying by. Do your neighbors have rocks in their landscaping? You don’t want those to meet your windows, do you? With hurricane windows, you can even throw a brick at the window and it won’t shatter. Even if the windows crack, they won’t break and your home is safe from those hurricane winds.  

Strong Windows Protect Structures 

There’s a lot more to your home than the windows, but when you’re in a hurricane situation, the windows are often the most vulnerable place on the house. Windows are one part of the structure, but when they break, they can cause the rest to deteriorate really fast. Once the windows are broken—even just one—the wind gets inside and the pressure can do awful things to the integrity of your home. The wind will likely push up on the home, causing roof damage or a completely blown off roof. The rest of the structure won’t fair any better as the wind looks for somewhere to go to get out. Your hurricane windows can prevent all that by keeping the house strong against the winds.  

Hurricane Windows Block More Than Wind 

Sure, you want to protect your home and family during a hurricane, but the best windows are good for other times of the year as well. Hurricane windows are highly energy efficient and will keep your heated and cooled air inside your home. You don’t want the hot, humidity getting into your house during a Florida heat wave and with these windows, your home is protected throughout the year. Plus, you will see lower bills and less sound invasion as well.  

If you are looking for more ways to protect your home, consider Fort Lauderdale, FL hurricane windows fromHigh End Impact Windows & Doors. Call us at (954) 782-7100 to ask questions or for a free consultation with no obligation whatsoever. You can also stop by our showroom to see hurricane windows yourself. If you’ve never noticed them before, you’ll be surprised at how normal they look based on how much protection they provide. We’re located at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. 

Window Design’s Impact on the Interior of your Home

Windows are a source of light and a way for you to see what’s outside your Pompano Beach, FL home. But they also have a huge impact on the style and design of the interior of your home! Windows come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and what seems like a simple glass pane can revolutionize an entire room. If you’re looking into replacement windows, make sure you include the inside of your home in the thought process. Here are a few things to consider.

Natural Light

You want the best use of natural light in your home, especially in certain rooms, like the kitchen. Most rooms in a house have a window and you want to make sure that the rooms where you want the most natural light have more than one. Bedrooms and kitchens are best with early morning light while family rooms and dining areas can enjoy the evening light. You don’t always have those options, so make the best of the natural light you can get into your home.

Frame the Views

If you have a beautiful Florida view or a lovely deck, find a window that can frame that view. Picture windows are popular for big views because they can frame that view and allow you an uninterrupted line of sight. If your budget allows it, you can even get floor-to-ceiling windows. You don’t have to sacrifice ventilation, either, as you can put operable windows above, below, or beside larger picture windows.

Consider Skylights

Many homeowners appreciate the source of natural light that only comes from above. Skylights are an investment, but they increase your home’s value and allow you a window without wasting any space on the wall. They are a great source of natural light all day long and can even reduce overall energy consumption since you won’t need as many lights on during the day. Natural light from a skylight is seldom too bright or hot either.

Think Shapes

Windows are generally square or rectangular, but they don’t have to be. Windows can come in any shape you want and your home might be well served with a circle window over the door or a diamond window in the bathroom. If you think a shape would complement your home’s décor, it’s worth a second thought.

There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to Pompano Beach, FL replacement windows on the outside of your house. But they’ll show just as much on the inside, and you’ll notice them a lot more there since that’s where you spend more of your time. Take a step back from the project and ensure that every detail will go well with what you want inside. When you need help with the process, contact High End Impact Windows & Doors at 954-782-7100 for a free consultation. You can also stop by and see our windows in person at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. We’re here to help!

Are You Choosing the Right Windows? 5 Ways to Know

Picking the right windows can be difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible. If you’re looking for something energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, there are plenty of options. All of the items you want in your replacement windows are important to your Pompano Beach, FL home. So how do you know what you end up with is right? Here are a few ways to know you’re on the right path.

The Windows Will Keep You Cool

When you are looking at windows, you want to make sure they can block heat from sunlight, especially in a location as sunny as Pompano Beach, FL. Pay attention to the SHGC or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating. This number shows you how well the window absorbs and blocks heat. The number ranges from 0 to 1 and lower numbers are better.

The Windows Will Keep You Warm

Though Florida is generally pleasant, there can be a definite chill in the winter. You want to make sure you’ll be warm then as well and that’s where the U-factor comes in. Those numbers range from 0.20 to 1.20 and the lower the number, the more heat will stay inside your home in the winter time.

The Windows Will Shade You

Natural light is always nice, but how much is too much? Every window has a VT or visible transmittance number, which ranges from 0 to 1. The higher the number, the more light the window will allow into your home. You get to decide how much you want when it comes to what’s right for your home.

The Windows Will Increase Energy Efficiency

If you want nothing else from your windows, you want energy efficiency. There are several ways you can boost energy efficiency through replacement windows. You can save money over time and reduce the carbon footprint your home has on the environment. Some items might include triple pane glass, low-e coatings, and argon gas fillings between the panes, among others.

The Windows Will Keep You Safe

Your windows are your first line of defense against you and whatever’s outside. That might mean intruders, pests, or even bad storms. Florida is known for its hurricanes, after all, and you want to be safe. If you find windows that can protect you against flying debris, you’re making a wise decision.

Only you can decide whether or not you’ve settled on the right replacement windows for your home, but the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors can help you examine the details and make an informed decision. Give us a call at 954-782-7100 and we’d be happy to go over everything in a free consultation. We can also come to your home and check out your situation in person to make recommendations about impact windows Pompano Beach types, styles, and options. Visit us at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 to see window options in person and ensure that you’re on the right path!

Ensuring the Energy Efficiency of Replacement Windows

When you are looking for new windows, you might want a lot of things for your Pompano Beach, FL home. Perhaps you want a new color to freshen up the interior and exterior of your home. Maybe you want a low-e coating on the glass in order to protect the interior of your home from fading and UV rays. You might even want a particular style to showcase the appearance of your home. But more than anything else, you probably want energy efficiency. No one wants to pay more on their energy bills than they have to, and energy efficient windows can take those bills lower than they’ve ever been before. As you look into replacement windows, how can you make sure they are energy efficient? Here are a few tips.

Tip 1: Look at the R-value

The R-value measures the thermal resistance of replacement windows, or how much heat they can keep out of your home. You want a high number in that area. The higher the number, the more your home will be insulated against the hot Florida sun.

Tip 2: Examine the U-value

The U-value is also an important number and will showcase how much heat loss your home will have. You want a lower number here and 0.20-1.20 is best. In this case, the lower the number, the better.

Tip 3: Go with Vinyl

There are a number of materials on the market, but there’s nothing better for the Florida climate and energy efficiency than vinyl. You won’t have to worry about maintenance or painting, and you get constant energy efficiency and controlled heat transfer.

Tip 4: Watch for the Energy Star Label

Whenever you want efficiency, you want something that is Energy Star certified. Energy Star has certain requirements that windows have to meet in order to get the label. This is a good place to start when you are looking at replacement windows. If they don’t have the label, move on. If they do, look at specifics like U and R-values and compare from there.

Tip 5: Concentrate on Installation

Even if you find the best replacement windows on the market, they won’t do what they’re supposed to do unless they are installed properly. So once you find the perfect windows, you also need to find the perfect installer or the job won’t be completed to your satisfaction. Even the most energy efficient windows can be a bust if the installation goes awry.

When you work with High End Impact Windows & Doors to find replacement windows, you don’t have to worry about energy efficiency windows in Oakland Park, FL or installation. We have only the best windows, and we know that you’ll be happy with the installation. Our installers are highly qualified and experienced to ensure that everything goes perfectly in your home. Give us a call to get started on the process at 954-782-7100 or visit 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 for details on replacement windows.

4 Common Mistakes of Replacement Window Projects

Replacement windows are a great investment and they can help you raise the value of your home while you enhance its overall efficiency. While some homeowners are lulled into the DIY culture of today, they might try and replace their windows on their own instead of hiring professionals. Although you might see some monetary savings up front, there are a number of common mistakes that homeowners make when they install their own replacement windows in Pompano Beach, FL. Those mistakes can end up costing you in the end. Here are 4 such common mistakes.

Going with the Cheapest

It’s tempting to go with the cheapest project. We get it! Everyone’s on a budget. But if you’re going to replace the windows in your home, you want quality replacement windows or you won’t get the results you want—or they won’t last for long. If you don’t get good quality, you’ll have to perform another replacement sooner than you should, which will end up costing you more in the long run. It takes professional help to determine what windows will give you the greatest benefits for your home’s needs.

Wrong Material Installation

Another mistake homeowners make when they go with the DIY approach is using the wrong materials for the window installation. The components on the window must function well to give you long-lasting performance. Any incorrect part can compromise the integrity of the window and lead to issues. If you understand different window types, you also need to know what parts are needed for each installation. Professionals, of course, will be able to choose the right parts with ease.

Energy Inefficiency Issues

One of the major problems homeowners face after installing replacement windows on their own is inefficiency. One little mistake in measurement or anywhere else and you can get a lack of energy efficiency, which was probably what you wanted to avoid from the new windows. The money you’ll save in energy costs makes it worth investing in quality windows and a professional installation.

Faulty Installation

You might think you can do it, but anything you do wrong can damage the window (which you already paid for) and even parts of your house. You might then need to have someone come in and fix your mistakes, which will cost you way more than it would have to hire someone in the first place. Professionals know what to look for when it comes to installation, and they won’t damage anything in or around the window while replacing it.

If you are looking to avoid as many mistakes as possible, look no further than the experts at High End Impact Windows & Doors. We’re here to help you install Deerfield Beach replacement windows from start to finish. First, we’ll help you choose the right style and fit and after that, we’ll install the replacement windows for you. Give us a call at 954-782-7100 or visit us at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

Replacement Window Features and Options

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world is full of options, no matter what you are looking to buy. And if you need replacement windows for your Pompano Beach, FL home, there are even more options than there seem to be in other areas. These choices and features enhance comfort, function, and energy efficiency. What you need to do as a homeowner looking for replacement windows is decide on the features that are most important to you. Here are some of the options that you will be faced with:

Energy Efficient Technologies

This is usually at the top of most people’s lists, as well it should be. You will want to include as much energy efficiency as you can afford on your replacement windows, and there are a number of features to think about. You can get an extra pane of glass, for example, upgrading from double to triple pane. You can also get low-e coating on the glass or place argon or krypton gas between the panes instead of just air.

Self-Cleaning Technologies

There are some glass coatings on the market now that make it easier to keep your glass clean. There’s no such thing as glass that will stay clean at all times, but if you have children or dogs, it can seem impossible. If you are installing a large wall of replacement windows, you might consider something that stays cleaner for longer.

Cleaning Options

Speaking of cleaning, when you have windows above the ground level, it is important to think about how you are going to clean the outside. If you have a window cleaning service, you won’t really care much how it gets done. If you have to do it yourself, you might want windows that tilt-in, like double-hung so you can clean the exterior from inside your house.

Impact Resistant Glass

Many homeowners in Florida are highly concerned with the impact a storm can have on their home, and that’s why impact resistant glass is very popular in this area. These windows can withstand flying debris and high winds and help to protect your home if you ever get hit with a nasty storm.

Artistic Glass

Most windows are clear, but there are colors and specialty glass that can range from textures and frosted to translucent. Some are decorative while others give you more privacy in certain areas, like the bathroom.

There are so many features that it can quickly become overwhelming to sift through them all. Ask the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors to help you go through the options in order to include the ones that meet your goals. Give us a call at 954-782-7100 to set up a free consultation and get started on the process. We want you to be as happy as possible with your replacement windows in Pompano Beach, FL. Stop by and see some examples in our showroom at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. We’re here to help you make informed decisions on every option you include!

Window Replacement Considerations and Beyond

Replacing old windows with new ones can do big things for your home. Whether you choose double or triple pane windows, you know you’re going to get huge relief on your energy bills in the Pompano Beach, FL heat. It’s a wise investment that can give you a big return in the long run. But you need to go about the project in a wise manner to get the most for your money. What all do you need to consider? Plenty! Here are a few things to help you get started.

Consider the Manufacturer

One of the many things you will have to think through when you start looking at specifics is the manufacturer who creates the replacement windows in the first place. If the manufacturer has been around for years, constantly creating innovative ideas and new windows, they are probably a good fit and a low risk. You want to have a manufacturer with a proven record and enough options to get you just what you need.

Consider the Contractor

You will also need someone to help you with the purchase process and then install the windows for you. The contractor you work with can make or break the overall project. Someone with lots of experience and know-how will do a stellar job and install the replacement windows just as they should be installed. Someone who doesn’t know the industry as well could leave gaps that can kill your energy bills. This aspect of the process is very important.


Consider the Material Options

When it comes to replacement windows, there are plenty of materials on the market that you could purchase. Vinyl is the most popular option, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. You will want to look through all of the materials and weigh the pros and cons. Which can you afford? Which will meet your goals? Which is the style you prefer? These questions will help you get to the bottom of this issue.

Consider Additional Options

You automatically get double pane glass with replacement windows these days, but you can add another pane of glass to make the windows triple pane. You have a lot of other options to think through as well, like low-e coatings, inert gas fillings, hardware choices, and more. All of these add ons and options can help your windows be even more energy efficient, stylish, and valuable. But you need to purchase only the ones that enhance and meet your goals.

Consider the Future

When it comes to replacement windows, you know whatever you get will likely be better than what you have now. But how soon do you want to replace them again? How much do you want to pay for upkeep over the years? Thinking about the future of your home will help you make a lot of decisions on Pompano Beach, FL windows replacement.

Whether you know what you want already or not, the experts at High End Impact Windows & Doors will help! Call 954-782-7100 or visit 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

Putting an Effort into Vinyl Windows

There are a lot of various things to consider when you start looking into new vinyl windows for your home in Pompano Beach, CA. You know that vinyl windows can do a lot for your home in terms of appearance, energy efficiency, and many other areas. But before you get excited about the things you will see once the project is complete, you have to get through the details involved with the project. Here are a few steps to take that will get you to the end game faster.

Step 1: Get Recommendations

One of the first things you want to do if you aren’t a window professional yourself is find an expert that can help you with the project. When you have a company you can trust, you can ask questions and know you are getting honest answers. Talk to family members and friends in the area and see if they have a company they have used in the past. Once you find a company you can trust, the whole project will go much more smoothly.

Step 2:  Understand Terms

Even if you are working with a great company, it’s good to have a base level understanding of vinyl windows. You will want to know, for example, what different ratings mean so when you look at labels, you know what’s what. Your window company can help you with that, but having a few basic pieces of knowledge will help you start reading the labels and making comparisons on your own as well.

Step 3: Weigh Pros and Cons of Materials

Most window companies carry a variety of window materials including wood, aluminum, vinyl, composite, and others. They will outfit your home with anything they carry. So it’s really up to you to figure out which material is right for your home. That often depends on your overall goals. Are you more concerned with energy efficiency or a natural look? What can you afford? What do you want long-term? These types of questions will lead you to the right decision on materials.

Step 4: Add the Extras

Just because you made big decisions about vinyl windows, styles, and possibly even colors, doesn’t mean you’re done.  You have to think about things like glass options (you can get low-e coatings for extra efficiency and extra panes of glass), hardware choices, and plenty of other items. Be careful to only add extras that will truly help your overall goals. They all cost money, so only add them if they will pay off for your needs.

When you’re ready to ask further questions about vinyl windows Pompano Beach, FL, or if you want to start with step 1 in finding a great company to help, contact High End Impact Windows & Doors at 954-782-7100. We’re here to help you through all of the steps, including the installation at the end! Stop by and see us at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

Are New Windows Worth it?

If you have thought about new windows for your Pompano Beach, FL home, but aren’t sure if it’s the right time or not, you’ll want to look into the details a little further to make a final decision. You know that windows do a lot more than give you a view of your property, and when you have new windows, you’ll have a number of benefits you didn’t have before. But do they add up to enough to make the project (and its cost) worthwhile? Here are a few items to consider as you wade through the options.

New Windows Save Money

When you consider new windows, you probably think of the money you will have to spend on them. Sure, they cost money up front. They’re not going to be cheap! If you choose vinyl windows, you are getting the most cost-effective windows on the market, but they will still cost a good chunk of change to have them installed into your home. However, you have to keep in mind that new windows are going to save you money on energy bills. They’re way more energy efficient than anything you have now and they will show you an automatic savings on that bill. That savings will stick around long term, too, so you can start to pay yourself back for the money you spent right away.

New Windows Increase Comfort

When you get hot in the summer, it doesn’t seem like there’s much you can do about it other than sit in front of a fan. But when you’re running your AC, you shouldn’t have to feel hot and stuffy in your home. New windows don’t allow that to happen any longer! They keep the hot and humid Florida air out of your home and the cool air in. Your home maintains a consistent temperature with ease, making you more comfortable in every room of the house. All that and they lower bills at the same time! It sounds like a miracle.

New Windows Enhance Appearance

There are plenty of little things you can do to the interior and exterior of your home to improve appearances. But there aren’t many home improvement projects you can take on that will improve both at the same time. If your home is looking its age and you don’t like that, new windows can turn things around in a flash. New, fresh windows give your home that upgraded look and feel that brings it around to the best possible style.

So when you look into new windows Pompano Beach, FL, you have to weigh the options. Is it worth it? That’s something only you can answer. If you need further help, contact the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors by calling 954-782-7100. We can answer your questions and help you make a final decision one way or the other. You can also come see us at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060.