hurricane window in Pompano Beach, FL

Are Hurricane Windows Really Better?

When you live in places of the country that are hurricane-prone, if you get new windows, you can get standard windows or hurricane window in Pompano Beach, FL. Hurricane windows, of course, cost more. Are they worth it? There are a lot of things that hurricane windows simply do better than standard windows. Here are a few to consider:

Hurricane Protection

The first thing you think about pertaining to hurricane windows is the extra protection they give you in the event of a hurricane. If the winds are throwing debris around and they throw a brick or something else hard up against your regular glass, it’s going to shatter. That means the winds and storm elements can get into your home and wreak havoc. When you have hurricane windows, that debris doesn’t break the glass and your home is much safer than it would be otherwise.

Sound Barrier

You don’t want to hear traffic going by outside or the neighbor’s voice or dogs barking when you are in your home. You want peace and quiet. Some standard windows can help with that, but hurricane windows do a much better job yet. You can restore that quiet you want so it’s easier to relax.

Energy Efficiency

One of the things a lot of people don’t know about hurricane windows is just how efficient they are. When you think about it, of course it makes sense. Windows that don’t let hurricane winds through aren’t going to let small drafts through, either. That means they seal the house up tight and your energy bills will go lower because of it. You’ll have further comfort at the same time.

Home Value

When you get new windows of any kind, you’ll raise the value of your home. But in this area of the country, that value will go up much higher when you get hurricane windows. New buyers want to see hurricane windows in place because they know what a benefit they are, both during storms and at other times of the year. IF you want this home project to really pay off in the future, putting in hurricane windows is a great idea.

Theft Protection

You close your windows and lock your doors so no one can get in. Hurricane windows help protect your house against such incidents. No thief can break the windows and if they recognize they are hurricane models, they might not even bother trying.

If you are ready for hurricane window in Pompano Beach, FL, it’s nice to recognize why they are better than regular windows in a number of ways. You know you are getting something that will really do good work for your home in every season of the year. IF you want more details, talk to the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors by calling (954) 782-7100. We’re here to help answer your pressing questions. You can also visit our showroom to see the windows we have to offer at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

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