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Are Hurricane Windows A Good Fit For You?

When you need new windows for your home, it’s likely you’re going to go through a variety of options. When you live in this area of the country, hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL are often a good option to consider. But are they a good fit for you? Here are a few situations that might warrant hurricane windows more than others.

Your Mobility Issues Makes Hurricane Shutters Hard To Install

Whether you had a knee surgery or need one, it can be harder to get up and lift heavy things, hold them into place, and then secure them when a storm is coming. That’s what you have to do when you have regular windows with hurricane shutters to go over them. For you, it makes more sense to replace your old windows with hurricane windows so you don’t have that chore—ever again. The hurricane windows, once in place, are all the protection your home needs. You don’t have to do anything else.

You’re Too Busy To Bother With Extra Chores

It can be hard to fit it all in, even when a hurricane is coming. If you need to take care of your family, get your list done at work, and buy extra supplies for the upcoming storm, it’s hard to also get shutters up and ready. You don’t have to when you have hurricane windows. You can just wait for the storm to come and then watch it happen through the windows, knowing you’re safe and sound inside your home.

Your Energy Bills Are Out Of This World

Any windows, even standard ones, are going to help with high energy bills. But in Florida, things can really heat up and hurricane windows can take your bills from astronomically high to nice and low in the matter of one day. Once they are installed, they start to work their magic by keeping energy inside the house instead of allowing it to be wasted. They will do above and beyond better than standard windows would. If you’re really tired of energy wasting, go the extra mile and get hurricane windows.

You Have Prized Collections To Protect

Many people collect something, but is your collection really important to you and/or really worth a lot of money? You would hate to see anything happen to it and that’s part of the reason why you might go ahead and get hurricane windows—so your collection is safe, even during bad storms.

There are no right or wrong situations to go with hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL, but the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors can help you analyze your circumstances and get the most out of the project. Give us a call at (954) 782-7100 and we can help you figure out what direction to take. We’re here to help you get the results you want and need, no matter what those might be. Visit our showroom at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

Getting the Details You Want In Hurricane Windows

If you are interested in putting new windows into your home, you can’t do better than hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL. These windows are something that people all over the country are putting in because they like the superior energy efficiency, the noise blocking, and many other features. But they do especially well in Florida because of their storm protection in addition to everything else. However, you don’t want your windows to look like everyone else’s. Even though they are of the hurricane variety, they can still have their different appearances. Here are a few things to consider to make them stand out.

The Color

Hurricane windows can come in a variety of colors and you want to get something that looks nice with your home. Consider white as the first go-to option because it’s the most popular and because it goes with anything you already have on your home. IT’s the safe choice because if you paint your home in the future, it still looks nice. But a lot of people think white will look dirty faster. You can always wipe it down, but if you don’t want to have to do that a lot, consider an off white or another color. Black is another popular option because of the stark contrast it can give to light-colored homes. You can also get something to match your home’s color home. Go darker or lighter than that tone to make it look nice.

The Style

There are a variety of window styles out there and most of them can come in a hurricane window variety. IF you really want a bay or bow window, that can stand out on a home, but it can still protect your house in the event of a hurricane. Consider a style that works with what your home looks like and with the functionality of the spaces you have in question. You might like casement, but it doesn’t always work well if it’s swinging out over the sidewalk.

The Hardware

Hardware is a small thing that can make a big difference in how your windows look, especially from the inside. When you get hardware that really stands out and suits you, it can be just the feature your windows need to look special. The good part about hardware is that there are so many options on the market, it’s easy to choose something unique from what other people have, if that’s what you want.

Your hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL don’t have to be like everyone else’s when you choose the specifics for your home. Contact our specialists at High End Impact Windows & Doors by calling (954) 782-7100 and we can go over the details you will need to choose as you move through the process. We’ll guide you every step of the way and make sure you don’t leave anything out. Visit with us in person at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 to see some hurricane windows up close.

Before The Storm: Regular Versus Hurricane Windows

If you’re thinking about getting new windows installed onto your house, your old windows must not be performing well. When you get new windows, it’s a good time to make changes that you might want in your new models. Many people in this area of the country lean toward getting hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It’s obvious why you would want these windows around the nasty storms that can come through the region. But let’s compare some of the benefits of having hurricane windows versus regular windows before the storms hit. Here are a few details to consider:

Immediate Protection

If you install new, regular windows, when the hurricanes roll through, and you know they will, you have to get out the hurricane shutters and cover up the windows to protect your home. That’s a lot of work and it’s something you might have to do several times during a bad hurricane season. If you go with hurricane windows instead, you don’t have that hassle. The windows are ready to go, whenever the storm hits, even if it’s sudden. You don’t have to do anything at all to know your home is ready and protected.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Any new windows you get will help your home with its energy efficiency. Even standard windows have high levels of technology included to help you save more energy. But if you want to go above and beyond the norm, hurricane windows can really add extra effort. These windows don’t let hurricane winds through. Do you really think they’re going to let through a small draft on a normal day? No way. You’ll have more efficiency than you ever dreamed and lower energy bills at the same time.

The Appearance Is On Point

Some people lean toward regular windows because they don’t want the big, bulky appearance that they assume hurricane windows will have. That must mean that they haven’t seen hurricane windows lately. You can hardly tell the two styles apart in appearance. Hurricane windows are sleek and streamlined and there’s nothing big or bulky about them—other than their way superior strength.

You’ll want to compare what regular windows and hurricane windows can do for your home during a storm as well. That’s even more convincing than this comparison. But knowing how the differences in the two window types can impact everyday life in your home is important.

If you’ve decided to go with hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL, or if you’re at least interested in more details, the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors are here to help. Call us at (954) 782-7100 and we’ll help you figure out what direction to take from here. You can also visit with us in person at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060, take a look at hurricane windows in person, ask questions, and go from there. We want the best for your home and budget, whatever that ends up being.

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Taking Your Home To The Next Level

You love your home, but you will have to maintain it to make it look nice as the years go by. When you want to take things to the next level, you might make certain improvements. There are a lot of things you can do, including switching out old windows for hurricane window in Pompano Beach, FL. Here are some options to take your home to the next level.

Add Accent Walls

If your home is mostly neutral on the inside and you don’t want to make a huge statement by going with a bold color everywhere, get a new look by adding just one colorful accent wall. In the kitchen, you can paint between the countertops and cabinets to get some color, like a backsplash would. In the bathroom, paint the wall behind the tub or somewhere else that would show nicely. That can add some extra style to your home and take it to the next level.

Update Landscaping

The landscaping of your home helps it to have a finished look. If you have old, dying out, or overgrown bushes, it might be time to update things. Take out anything dead or dying and put in something new and fresh. Trim things back and add fresh flowers and colors that make your house pop. The landscaping can raise your curb appeal to a new level and bring up the value of your home at the same time.

Get Hurricane Windows

Windows make a big difference in any home and if you want to take the leap to a higher level, hurricane windows are the way to go. Any new windows are going to give your home a jump in appeal, both inside and out. But hurricane windows will do so much more. First of all, as their name indicates, they protect your home from hurricanes. Flying debris will do no good against those windows. You can also count on them to lower your home’s utility bills because they will be much more efficient than they were in the past. Your home is taken to a higher level in efficiency, value, and safety.

If you are interested in taking your home to a new level in one way or another, consider hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL. These windows are a huge upgrade for any home that doesn’t currently have windows that protect the house in the event of a storm. Contact the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors for details on the process by calling (954) 782-7100. We’re here to answer questions or set you up with a full and free consultation. You can also stop by our showroom to take a look at windows in person. We’re located at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. It can really help to look things over and talk to a professional as you get started to figure out your preferences and go in the right direction from there. We’re happy to help!