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Adding Hurricane Windows Before A Move

IF you are about to place your house on the market, there are certain things you’ll want to do to attract buyers. Perhaps a fresh coat of paint on certain rooms or the exterior will help. You’ll get the landscaping in shape for sure. And perhaps you’ll need to declutter and put stuff in storage to make the rooms look larger. Have you also considered installing hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL? It might sound like a big project to take on right before you move, but it can be worthwhile. Here are a few reasons why installing hurricane windows before a move can be the best idea for your family:

Reason 1: Attract More Buyers

If you have regular windows that require shutter installation anytime there’s a big storm, some buyers may not even bother looking at your home. If you install hurricane windows, there is a larger buyer-pool that will be interested in the possibilities of your home. They know the house is protected, won’t cost as much insurance-wise, and will be safe during any storm. That’s reason enough for more people to be interested.

Reason 2: Get A Better Price

When you sell your home, you want to get the most for it. With older windows, you’re going to get lower offers as interested buyers are going to know they can ask for a discount because of the windows. They might want to replace them soon, after all, to keep the house up to the right standards. If you want premium prices for your home, installing hurricane windows can help you get it. You should be able to get 80% of the funds you put into the project back on a higher home sale.

Reason 3: Increase Curb Appeal

There are many elements that are important to a home sale, but you can’t get anyone through the door if you don’t have curb appeal. The appearance of your home from the outside really does matter. If the home looks old and worn, people will assume the inside is more of the same and they won’t bother moving forward to have a look. When you install the new hurricane windows, you place a new, fresh look on the house and you’ll be able to entice more people inside in the first place.

If you’re getting ready to move, there are certain projects that make sense to spruce up your home and get it ready for the market. It’s possible that hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL are one such project. IF you want to look into the options and see if it’s a good fit for you before you move, contact High End Impact Windows & Doors by calling (954) 782-7100. We’re here to help in any way we can and give you advice as if it were our home we were about to sell. You can visit us in person and see the options in our showroom at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E. Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

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Does The Home You’re Considering Have Hurricane Windows?

When you’re searching for a home in Florida, there are a number of things you’ll want to consider. Is the home conveniently located near the beach? Does it have enough space for your family? Do you have the amenities you want? Are there hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL within the home? These are all important considerations. When you want to protect your investment, hurricane windows are important. How do you tell if the home you’re considering has them? Here are a few hints to show you what’s what:

There Aren’t Any Hurricane Shutters

If you’ve been through the garage, storage shed, basement, and every other portion of the house and you’ve seen no evidence of hurricane shutters, the windows on the house are likely hurricane windows. Homes in Florida have to have either hurricane windows or shutters to cover their normal windows for storm protection. If there aren’t any shutters around, you can guess that the windows are those of the hurricane variety.

The Windows Are Mentioned In Documents

Hurricane windows are a big selling point that can be valuable to buyers. When you tour a house, you’ll likely get an information sheet about the house. It will list things like the price point of the home, its square footage, the number of rooms it has, and other details. It may very well bring up the fact that the home has hurricane windows if it does indeed feature them.

Check The Windows

When you tour the home, look the windows over. While hurricane windows look similar to regular windows, if you know enough about them, you might be able to tell the difference. Seeing the windows yourself will give you peace of mind about what the home has.


If you aren’t sure what kind of windows are on the home, you need to know before you make a purchase. Ask the realtor in charge of your tour or the selling realtor what kind of windows are on the house. One or both will know or will be able to find out so you can make an offer that makes sense or move on to another house with the right features.

If you decide to purchase a home with regular windows and now want to put in hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL, the experts at High End Impact Windows & Doors can help with the process. Call us at (954) 782-7100 and we’ll set you up with a free consultation so we can get to the bottom of what you need and how we can help. You can also stop by our showroom for advice or to look at the hurricane windows we offer. We’re located at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E. Pompano Beach, FL 33060 and we can show you around, answer questions, and guide you in the right direction for your home.

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You Might Be Ready For Hurricane Windows If…

What kind of windows do you have in your house? In Florida, you have two choices: normal windows with hurricane shutters nearby to cover them or hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you have normal windows, you might be ready to switch to the other type if you find any of these things to be true.

You’re Tired Of Putting Shutters Up And Taking Them Down

If you don’t have hurricane windows, you have to put the hurricane shutters up and take them back down every time a storm rolls through and then goes away. Those shutters take up room for storage, effort to put up and take down, and they can be cumbersome. If you don’t put them up right, your windows can still be damaged as well.

You Want Maximum Efficiency

Hurricane windows are great for hurricane protection, but that’s not their only worthwhile benefit. They are strong enough to keep hurricane winds out, but they can also keep everyday wind out. They keep your home sealed up nice and tight so every room of your house maintains the same temperature. You get the efficiency and comfort you want along with much smaller bills right away and for the long haul.

You Actually Need New Windows

While you might want hurricane windows, if there’s nothing wrong with your current windows, it’s a lot harder to talk yourself into taking the project on. But if you need new windows to replace old models that have worn out their welcome, it’s a good time to upgrade to the hurricane windows you want. You already have to go through the project so why not get something that will be very useful to you in the meantime.

You Want Peace And Protection

Not every window blocks noise well, but hurricane windows do. Whether you live on a busy street, have noisy neighbors, or have to sleep during the day, hurricane windows will help you restore the peace and quiet to your home. You also get a new level of protection in your home, even outside of hurricane season. Hurricane windows don’t break so no one can breach the windows to get into your home. That gives you the peace of mind you want for your family.

If you’re ready to make the leap and get Fort Lauderdale, FL hurricane windows for your home, contact the experts at High End Impact Windows & Doors by calling (954) 782-7100 with your questions or for advice. We’re here to help with the process from start to finish, whatever you need. You can visit our showroom at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E. Pompano Beach, FL 33060 to take a look at hurricane windows and talk more about what they can do for your home, during hurricane season and beyond. We want the best for your home and we’ll only recommend things we’d do on our own home if we were in your shoes.

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Do You Have Impact Windows?

If you live in Florida, you know how common hurricanes are. If you’ve just moved into a new home, you want to protect your investment from those dangers. Windows have to be protected in order to avoid hurricane damage. Do you have Fort Lauderdale impact windows? You may not even know for sure. Here are a few details to help you judge what you have—and what you need.

Standard Windows And Hurricane Windows

These two types of windows are hard to tell apart based on appearance alone since they look pretty much the same. The difference is in the glass. Regular windows are made of what’s called float glass. When the glass breaks if something hits it, it breaks into shards. Those shards are dangerous in a storm, but they also let the winds and rain into your home, which can be even more dangerous. For impact windows, panes of glass are bonded together with a membrane. Even if the glass breaks, the glass sticks to that unbreakable film and the window remains intact. Even a crack won’t expose the home to the wind and water that nasty storms bring around. The specialized glass is usually paired with a stronger frame as well.

So what do you have on the home you just moved into? Here are a few ways to tell if you have an impact window:

Look For The Permanent Mark

Tempered glass has a label in one of the corners to identify the glass with the manufacturer who made it. Laminate glass, or impact glass, doesn’t always have that mark. If you see a mark, you might have breakable glass.

Check The Label

Impact glass has to be cut to size so that permanent mark might not be there, but there should still be a label somewhere. That label will tell you the date of manufacturing, the thickness, and other certification details that the glass meets. It will also designate the window as an impact window.

Check Your Reflection

When you look into the glass, inspect the reflection. Impact glass has two (or more) sheets of glass so you should see two or more reflections looking back at you.

Call A Professional

If you can’t find the label and just aren’t sure what you have, it never hurts to call a professional. You don’t want to find yourself worrying about your house the next time a hurricane rolls through.

If you want to install new Fort Lauderdale impact windows, or you’d like to see what your home already has, contact the professionals at High-End Impact Windows & Doors by calling (954) 782-7100. We’re here to help you protect your home from nasty storms, intruders, and even the regular weather elements. We want efficiency and comfort for you and we’ll help you reach those goals with just the right windows. We’re located at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 and we’re here to help you with every step of the process throughout the entire project.