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Myths About Hurricane Windows You Shouldn’t Believe

When you are looking into hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL versus the standard options, you might notice that hurricane windows cost more. That’s reason enough to turn some people away. You might start looking for things to lead you farther away from these windows just to give yourself an excuse not to purchase them over those that cost less. Keep in mind that there are a lot of myths out there and you shouldn’t believe them or let them dissuade you from getting what you really need. Here are a few to learn more about:

Myth: Hurricanes Are Only Good Against Hurricanes

If you think that hurricane windows are only good when a hurricane comes through, that might be reason enough not to get them. Sure, you want to protect your home, but hurricanes only come through once or twice a season, right? So do you really need to go to the extra cost when you can just put up shutters? While you don’t have to have hurricane windows, you should know that they do a lot more than just protect you in hurricanes. They are more energy efficient than any other window and they will lower your bills further than other options. They can also help you combat intruders who might want to get in. If hurricanes can’t break through, neither can they.

Myth: Hurricane Windows Are Big And Clunky

If the windows can hold up against hurricanes and anything they can throw at the glass, they must be huge—overbearing, really—and unattractive. But have you ever seen a hurricane window? As soon as you do, you’ll know this myth is nothing but lies. Hurricane windows are something you may not notice as you drive down the street because they look just like the other windows. They have nice, slim frames and large glass space. They won’t make your home look any different. No, that’s not quite right…they’ll actually make your home look much better because of the new, fresh look they’ll put on the house.

What other myths have you heard about hurricane windows? Before you believe them and use them as an excuse to avoid getting these windows, look into the real truth and the details these windows can add to your home. They’re great for hurricane protection, but they also protect your home in every season of the year and lower your bills at the same time.

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