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Hurricane Windows Work Outside Of Florida

Living in Florida means that you understand the benefits of hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They help a home prevent damage in the event of a hurricane, right? And you don’t have to install them every time a storm comes through like you would hurricane shutters. But did you know that people in other areas of the country also appreciate impact resistant windows? They don’t get hurricanes, so why should they get hurricane windows? Here are a few reasons…and keep in mind, if you get hurricane windows in Florida, these reasons apply to you as well—in addition to the hurricane protection.

Energy Efficiency Bump

Hurricane windows don’t let the large, hurricane force winds through to home. So there’s no way they are going to let little drafts and breezes through, either. These windows bring a high level of efficiency with them, which is enough to endear them to anyone who wants an airtight home. Not only is the home more comfortable because of the windows, but it’s also going to have lower energy bills. The windows cost more, but they make up their costs in the lower energy bills. Plus, you can’t pay for comfort—it’s priceless.

Home Accident Prevention

Homeowners who live on a golf course, right along the fairway where the balls usually land, maybe plagued with broken windows. Having children also endangers the windows whenever a ball is thrown, either inside or out. Having hurricane windows is a great way to prevent accidents, from your own family members, and from those around your home you don’t even know. Golf balls or anything else that could hit the windows won’t break them. That means no more window repairs (which saves you money) and no more dangerous broken glass, which is a pretty big deal, too.

Insurance Rates Lower

Not only will you have higher efficiency and lower energy bills, but your insurance rates will lower as well. Insurance companies know that there are a lot fewer chances of something happening to your home if you have hurricane windows. Intruders can’t break through and damage things and hail storms aren’t going to get in, either. They allow you to lower your rates because your home is a safer place to live.

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Fresh Beauty

Some people think that hurricane windows have to be big and clunky, but they aren’t. They’re just as small and beautiful as any other replacement window. They give you a nice curb appeal and once others recognize how strong they are, they become all that much more valuable.

If you are looking into new windows, keep in mind that those outside the area see the value of impact-resistant windows. Since you know hurricanes happen around here, that gives you even more reason to be interested in hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you’d like to get into the details and find out more about them, contact the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors for a free consultation.