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hurricane windows in Deerfield Beach, FL

Styling Hurricane Windows For Your Home

When you need new windows on your home, you might decide that hurricane windows in Deerfield Beach, FL are the best idea. For this area of the country, they really are a good choice. You can get rid of the shutters you used to use to cover windows during the storm and, what’s more, you can get rid of the chore of putting them up and taking them back down again later. The hurricane windows are always in place and they are always ready. But how do you style hurricane windows for your house? You want them to fit in and look nice because they’re there not just when it’s storming, but for the whole year and for many years to come.

What you need to realize about hurricane windows is that they aren’t big and bulky like you might think. You won’t see them and think, wow, those are some sturdy hurricane windows. In fact, you might not be able to tell the difference between hurricane windows and regular windows just by looking at them. The difference is in the level of protection, not in the appearance.

So when you are ready for the windows and you want to look at styles and options, it is very similar to what you would do for a normal window. You will have to decide what color you want on the frame, for example. You should choose a classic color that will look nice on your home now, with whatever color you have on it, but will also look good on your house later if you decide to change the color. The windows are going to last decades and since you can’t change their colors, it’s important to get something that will last color-wise.

You will also have to think about window style. Consider what looks good on your home and what will function the way you want it to inside. If you like to have the windows open on a nice day, casement windows that allow for cross ventilation can be a good fit. On the other hand, if you have a second story and you’re worried about safety, double hung windows that open from the top down can be a good choice.

It’s also a good idea to think carefully about the hardware you place on the windows. It’s a small thing, but it’s like the final touch on the windows. You might want something that stands out or something that blends in. Either is a valid choice and you will need to get something that works with your personal style as well.

hurricane windows in Deerfield Beach, FL

There are lots of decisions to make when you are looking into hurricane windows in Deerfield Beach, FL, just as there are about regular windows when you get replacements. The professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors are here to help you throw around ideas and get the options lined up so you are completely happy with what you end up installing onto your house.

hurricane windows in Lighthouse Point, FL

Comparing Hurricane Windows To Standard Models

While there are lots of choices for new windows in this region, before you get too far into the process of replacing your windows, you will want to decide if you are getting regular windows or Hurricane windows in Lighthouse Point, FL. In this area of the country, you either have to have hurricane windows or a shutter to cover your regular windows for when the storms rage. Here’s a comparison of the two models to help you make a decision so you can move forward one way or the other.

Energy Efficiency

Any new windows you get are going to be technologically advanced compared to what you have in your home now and you are going to get more efficiency out of them. But when you compare hurricane windows to regular windows, the hurricane models are going to bring more efficiency any time of the year, not just around storms. They are built to keep everything out, rain, wind, debris, and so on. They don’t budge during a bad storm so they aren’t going to let small winds and drafts in, either, which leads to further efficiency in your home.

Standard Home Safety

Of course, you want safety in your home during a storm, but you also want that safety for the rest of the year. When you get standard windows, they are harder to break and/or pry open than your old windows, that’s for sure. But they can be broken. So your home is still going to be vulnerable to intruders and even to accidents. With hurricane windows, on the other hand, the glass doesn’t break. No ball that is thrown or rock that is intentionally being used to breakthrough will do the job. The windows keep the home safe.

Storm Maintenance

With today’s technology in place, you generally have plenty of warning when a storm is going to hit. But still, when you have standard windows, that means dragging the shutters out and placing them over the windows. When the storm passes, you have to take them back down. Then, when another storm comes around, you have to do it all over again. Plus, when the shutters are up, you can’t see out of your home to watch the storm blow through. With hurricane windows, when you hear about a storm coming, you’re already ready. You don’t have to put anything up because the windows are all the protection you need. You don’t have to take anything down after the storm, either. You can just clean up the branches and debris in your yard because your house is okay.

hurricane windows in Deerfield Beach, FL

There are lots of advantages to hurricane windows in Lighthouse Point, FL over standard windows, and if you want to hear more about those options, the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors are here to help. When you are ready for new windows, tell us about your budget and we’ll help you work on what you need for a price you can afford. We want your home safe and comfortable for your family.

hurricane windows in Oakland Park, FL

Do You Want Hurricane Windows?

Over your years of homeownership, you may have noticed that there is a big difference between things you want and things you need. You might want a new couch, but you need a new water softener. When the time comes to replace the windows you have in your home, you have to ask yourself whether or not you want hurricane windows in Oakland Park, FL. In this area of the country, you either have to have hurricane windows, or you need to have shutters that cover the windows in the event of a bad storm. While there are huge benefits to hurricane windows, they aren’t an absolute necessity. But they are certainly something you have reason to want. Here are a few such reasons that you might find yourself wanting hurricane windows—and budgeting for them when you go about the replacement window project.

1-You Want The Highest Levels Of Efficiency

If you have older windows, any windows you get are going to increase the amount of efficiency you have in your home. But if you want ultimate efficiency, you can get that with hurricane windows. When you think about it, that really makes sense. Hurricane windows don’t let in even the harshest winds and storms—of course they aren’t going to let in small breezes and winds, either. Your house is sealed up tight and you can get the efficiency you deserve.

2-You Want Safety At All Times

Hurricane windows, as their name indicates, are built to protect your home from hurricane winds. They don’t break when those nasty storms throw debris around outside. But there are other times of the year that you want safety as well. If you live on a golf course, you might have to replace windows due to badly hit balls from time to time. You don’t need that hassle. And having hurricane windows can prevent that issue as well as the danger of someone breaking through the glass and getting into your home.

3-You Want A Great ROI

When you get new windows, it’s an investment for sure. You want to be able to recuperate what you spend on the new windows and you can do that with ease when you get hurricane windows. They are going to lower your energy bills because of their efficiency. But they are also going to raise the value of your home so when you sell in the future, you can get a higher price for the home with ease. You will also likely sell the house faster because of those windows.

hurricane window in Deerfield Beach, FL

There are lots of reasons to want hurricane windows in Oakland Park, FL and there are plenty of benefits to having them. If you want to hear more about what they can do for your home, contact the experts at High End Impact Windows & Doors and we can talk you through all of the benefits and see if hurricane windows are the direction you want to take for your home. For homes in this area, they are definitely a good idea.

hurricane windows in Deerfield Beach, FL

Possible Custom Hurricane Window Options

When you look into hurricane windows in Deerfield Beach, FL, there are standard options that might work very well for your home and that’s great. The standards today are high in technology and quality. However, if there are things you want that the standards don’t provide, you can always get customizations. Here are some of the possible customizations to consider.


While hurricane windows often come in the most popular color—white—you can get virtually any color you want. Black is another popular color today and offers a great contrast with a light-colored home, so the new windows really stand out. But you might want windows that blend into the tan color of your home or that contrast with a brighter color, like dark blue. Whatever you want for a color, you can likely have if you customize it to suit your needs.

Unique Shapes

While there are standard shapes and sizes, that doesn’t mean you can’t have something different from your windows. You could have an octagonal window above the front door, for example, or a circular window in a bathroom. These unique shapes add interest to the interior and exterior of the home and they can bring in more light and value as well. If you want a unique shape, find a good place for it in your home, and customize it.

Between Pane Blinds

While there are plenty of window coverings to consider, there are also some hurricane windows that don’t need any because they come with blinds that are built into the windows. These custom blinds sit between the glass panes of the windows. They won’t get crinkled or broken from being in the home. They are well protected and can be a nice way to get everything you need in one window without extra projects.

hurricane window in Deerfield Beach, FL

Garden, Bay And Bow Windows

These windows are usually completely customized to fit the sizing and spacing of your home. You want them to fit in well and stand out just as designed. The professionals will need to measure the space and order just the right windows to make it fit in and stand out all at the same time.

There are plenty of other things you can customize, like the hardware on the windows and other such items. It’s important to take your time with any decision you make so you are confident that it is what you want once you order the windows. You can get hurricane windows in Deerfield Beach, FL in any variety you can get normal windows when you customize them to suit your needs. If you want to start looking into the process, contact the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors and we can help you figure out what steps you want to take next. We offer free consultations with no obligations at all. We’re here to walk you through them at whatever pace you want with no pressure to move ahead any faster than you are ready to. Once your new windows are installed, you’ll be thrilled.