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hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hurricane Windows Work Outside Of Florida

Living in Florida means that you understand the benefits of hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They help a home prevent damage in the event of a hurricane, right? And you don’t have to install them every time a storm comes through like you would hurricane shutters. But did you know that people in other areas of the country also appreciate impact resistant windows? They don’t get hurricanes, so why should they get hurricane windows? Here are a few reasons…and keep in mind, if you get hurricane windows in Florida, these reasons apply to you as well—in addition to the hurricane protection.

Energy Efficiency Bump

Hurricane windows don’t let the large, hurricane force winds through to home. So there’s no way they are going to let little drafts and breezes through, either. These windows bring a high level of efficiency with them, which is enough to endear them to anyone who wants an airtight home. Not only is the home more comfortable because of the windows, but it’s also going to have lower energy bills. The windows cost more, but they make up their costs in the lower energy bills. Plus, you can’t pay for comfort—it’s priceless.

Home Accident Prevention

Homeowners who live on a golf course, right along the fairway where the balls usually land, maybe plagued with broken windows. Having children also endangers the windows whenever a ball is thrown, either inside or out. Having hurricane windows is a great way to prevent accidents, from your own family members, and from those around your home you don’t even know. Golf balls or anything else that could hit the windows won’t break them. That means no more window repairs (which saves you money) and no more dangerous broken glass, which is a pretty big deal, too.

Insurance Rates Lower

Not only will you have higher efficiency and lower energy bills, but your insurance rates will lower as well. Insurance companies know that there are a lot fewer chances of something happening to your home if you have hurricane windows. Intruders can’t break through and damage things and hail storms aren’t going to get in, either. They allow you to lower your rates because your home is a safer place to live.

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Fresh Beauty

Some people think that hurricane windows have to be big and clunky, but they aren’t. They’re just as small and beautiful as any other replacement window. They give you a nice curb appeal and once others recognize how strong they are, they become all that much more valuable.

If you are looking into new windows, keep in mind that those outside the area see the value of impact-resistant windows. Since you know hurricanes happen around here, that gives you even more reason to be interested in hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you’d like to get into the details and find out more about them, contact the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors for a free consultation.

Fort Lauderdale, FL hurricane windows

Hurricane Windows Save You On Accidents

You might know that if you install hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL, they are going to save you money. They are the most efficient windows on the market so they are going to help you lower your energy bills with ease. But they can save you a lot of money as well in accident prevention. Here are a few ways in which hurricane windows can help you in that area.

Prevent Ball-Thrown Broken Glass

If you have kids, it’s only a matter of time before a ball gets thrown around inside the house, no matter what your rules might be. Even if your kids are good about being inside the house and keeping the ball in hand, once they get outside, all bets are off. Balls that hit normal windows, either inside or out, are more likely to break them. That means broken glass around your home, which is downright dangerous for anyone living there. When you have hurricane windows, you don’t have to worry about these types of accidents. If the ball hits the glass, it bounces off and everything is fine. If the windows can stand up to debris that is thrown around during a hurricane, you’d better believe it’s up to a simple ball thrown by a child.

Prevent Falling Injuries

If you are accident prone, or someone else in your family is, you could trip and fall at any moment. Falling into a normal window could be tragic. Glass could break and you could fall out or, at the very least, you could end up with some serious cuts. But if you fall into a hurricane window, you don’t have to worry about the window breaking. You won’t fall out and you won’t even get cut by any glass. You could end up with some bruising, but that’s about it.

Fort Lauderdale, FL hurricane impact resistant windows and doors

Save On Insurance Bills

Insurance companies place certain prices on homes based on their risk factors. If you live in a home with regular windows that could easily break and cause damage to your home in a hurricane, you are going to have to pay higher rates on your insurance. If you live in a home with hurricane windows, on the other hand, your rates will lower because the insurance company knows you are less likely to have damage they would have to cover. That savings in addition to the savings on energy bills as well as the peace of mind you get from accident prevention adds up to many great reasons to get hurricane windows.

When your home needs new windows, consider hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL for their many benefits. You know that they protect your home in the event of a bad storm, but they do much more than that. They can help you with energy efficiency and safety and accident prevention. You want the best for your family and the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors can help you get just that and meet and exceed your goals.

hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL

Why Are Hurricane Windows So Attractive To Buyers?

Living in Florida brings a lot of benefits. It’s a beautiful area of the country that is nice year-round. But, like anywhere else, there are downfalls as well. You have to be extra careful and watch the weather forecasts during the hurricane seasons. If you are going to sell your house in the near future, it might be wise for you to understand why hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL are so attractive to buyers. If you don’t already have them, it might be smart to install them before you place the home on the market. Here are a few reasons why they are enticing.

1-Hurricane Protection

This is the most obvious reason why hurricane windows are famous around this area of the country. Their name says it all. They protect homes in the event of a hurricane. When a hurricane hits—and you know it will eventually—these windows won’t break. The house will be much safer because of it. Homes in this area are required to either have hurricane windows or hurricane shutters. Hurricane windows make protection easier.

2-No Installation Necessary

This reasoning is true in several ways. First, if you have hurricane windows on your home and the buyer wants that feature, they don’t have to install the windows on their own dime and time. They are willing to pay more for the home to get the windows, which is nice for you. They like the convenience that the windows are already in place. Second, if your home didn’t have hurricane windows, but instead had shutters that had to be put into place, any time a hurricane came through, the new owners would have to install the shutters. With hurricane windows already installed, there’s no shutter installation necessary every time there’s a storm. That’s another benefit in their eyes.

3-Lower Energy Bills

People who get serious about buying your house will want to see the energy bills. They know the area and they know the difference between a high and a low energy bill. Most people don’t want to buy a house that is going to cost them continuously in energy bills. Instead, they want nice, low bills that will help them save money. When they see proof of low bills due to the hurricane windows, that will make them want the house more readily.

Pompano Beach, FL hurricane impact resistant windows and doors

These are just a few of the reasons why hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL are so attractive to potential buyers. Not to mention that they look nice and fresh so they will give your home further curb appeal as well. If you are going to put your home on the market, it might be worth having a free consultation with the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors before you call a realtor. We can help you assess your current windows and their value and decide whether or not it is worth your time, money, and effort to get hurricane windows installed before you try to move.

hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL

Making Hurricane Windows Stand Out

When you get hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL, it’s a big investment. You know they are going to improve the safety levels of your home, first of all. And they are also automatically going to make your home look fresh and new. However, there are things you can do to make sure they really stand out. Since they are such a large investment, you want the most of them that you can get. Here are a few things you can do as a homeowner to ensure that your hurricane windows are going to do their job, and really stand out on your home.

Consider A Contrast

Hurricane windows, just like any replacement window, come in a variety of colors. While white is the most common and the most popular, there are plenty of other options. If you want your windows to stand out, consider a contrast against your house. For any light-colored home, that can simply mean black window frames. You can also get the same color tone as your house, only lighter or darker for a similar effect. That contrast frames the windows and makes them really stand out as new and fresh.

Keep Them Clean

When your hurricane windows first go in, they’re fresh and clean. That won’t last. Anything is going to get dirty on a home and as the homeowner, it’s your job to keep things clean. Dirty glass never looks nice so keep fingerprints and dust off with regular cleanings. While vinyl frames don’t take a lot of work, wiping them down and keeping dirt off outside will make them look much nicer and stand out much better.

Frame Them Inside And/or Out

Another thing you can do to make your windows stand out is to frame them. Yes, they have frames of their own, but you can frame them out even further. Outside, perhaps that means surrounding them with shutters to make them really pop. If you don’t like shutters or don’t want them for your home’s style, landscaping in the right places around the windows can also make them shine further. Inside, getting the right window coverings can make your windows look even nicer. Shutters on the interior are quite popular and can really bring the eye to the new windows, but they aren’t the only option. Take your time in deciding what works best.

Getting hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL means you are investing in your home’s value, energy efficiency, and appearance. There’s no reason not to go the extra mile and make sure your windows really stand out and shine even further. The professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors can help you get everything you want to form this project, both right away and well into the future. Give us a call for a free consultation or you can ask some questions by phone and let us know what you want to do moving forward. We’re here to make sure you have the information you need to make the best decisions for your home.