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Myths About Hurricane Windows You Shouldn’t Believe

When you are looking into hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL versus the standard options, you might notice that hurricane windows cost more. That’s reason enough to turn some people away. You might start looking for things to lead you farther away from these windows just to give yourself an excuse not to purchase them over those that cost less. Keep in mind that there are a lot of myths out there and you shouldn’t believe them or let them dissuade you from getting what you really need. Here are a few to learn more about:

Myth: Hurricanes Are Only Good Against Hurricanes

If you think that hurricane windows are only good when a hurricane comes through, that might be reason enough not to get them. Sure, you want to protect your home, but hurricanes only come through once or twice a season, right? So do you really need to go to the extra cost when you can just put up shutters? While you don’t have to have hurricane windows, you should know that they do a lot more than just protect you in hurricanes. They are more energy efficient than any other window and they will lower your bills further than other options. They can also help you combat intruders who might want to get in. If hurricanes can’t break through, neither can they.

Myth: Hurricane Windows Are Big And Clunky

If the windows can hold up against hurricanes and anything they can throw at the glass, they must be huge—overbearing, really—and unattractive. But have you ever seen a hurricane window? As soon as you do, you’ll know this myth is nothing but lies. Hurricane windows are something you may not notice as you drive down the street because they look just like the other windows. They have nice, slim frames and large glass space. They won’t make your home look any different. No, that’s not quite right…they’ll actually make your home look much better because of the new, fresh look they’ll put on the house.

What other myths have you heard about hurricane windows? Before you believe them and use them as an excuse to avoid getting these windows, look into the real truth and the details these windows can add to your home. They’re great for hurricane protection, but they also protect your home in every season of the year and lower your bills at the same time.

Contact the experts at High End Impact Windows & Doors to get details on hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL, whether you are ready to go with them yet or not. We can give you the information you need to make the right decisions for your family. Call us at (954) 782-7100 and ask questions or set up a time to talk to our representatives in person. You can also see the windows in person and recognize how attractive they are when you visit our showroom at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

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Hurricane Windows Are Just What You Want

It’s hard to know what you want in some areas of your life. Perhaps you had two job offers at one time when you first started out and you didn’t know what direction you wanted to take. Life-altering decisions are hard! When you need new windows, you have two main choices: traditional replacement windows or hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL. When you live in this area of the country, there are many reasons why hurricane windows are just what you want. Here are a few to consider:

Reason 1: The Hurricanes, Of Course

When you face a hurricane, it’s scary business. Even if you evacuate and get your family out of the area, your home is left behind to fend for itself. You’ll feel much more comfortable leaving it, and the possessions you couldn’t fit in the back of the car, if you have hurricane windows. Those windows were meant to hold up against high winds and storms of that nature. They won’t break when the debris in the area starts flying toward them. That’s reason enough to get hurricane windows.

Reason 2: Their Energy Efficiency

You might know that any standard replacement window you get will be more energy efficient than what you have on your home now because windows have come a long way in recent years. The technology, even at its most basic form, is simply efficient. But when you get hurricane windows installed, you go above and beyond the basics and get the height of energy efficiency. It makes sense that windows that won’t let hurricane winds through do just find against the everyday elements in Florida. When you want low bills, hurricane windows are definitely the way to go.

Reason 3: The Higher Value

It’s nice to take on home improvement projects over the years that you can use to increase the value of your home. You want the house to look nice, but beyond that, you need it to maintain or even raise in its value. Hurricane windows can definitely help you achieve that goal. You’ll want to install them if you would like to place a higher price on your home someday when you sell. In the meantime, they’ll lower your energy bills, your insurance rates, and your maintenance and repair fees.

When you’re ready for hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL because you’re ready to admit they’re just what you want, contact the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors by calling (954) 782-7100. We can talk to you over the phone about these windows and the options you have to consider or you can set up a free consultation with us where we can come to your home, assess your situation, and make customized recommendations for you. There are no obligations included with this service. You’re also welcome to check out details on hurricane or standard windows in our showroom at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E Pompano Beach, FL 33060. Our website is also a good place to start for more information:

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You’re Ready For Hurricane Windows If…

If you’ve ever seen the destruction of a hurricane, even on TV, you know that hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL have advantages. Their name says everything you need to know about how well they protect a home. And they have benefits outside of that as well. Since they keep hurricane winds out, you’d better believe they can keep out everyday breezes and other natural elements, right? Are you ready for hurricane windows? Here are a few ways to tell that you are:

Your Old Windows Are Worn Out

When it’s time to replace your old windows, it’s the perfect time to upgrade to hurricane models. You have to get new windows anyway and the extra cost that goes into hurricane windows is something you can get back with lower energy bills, cheaper insurance rates, and a higher home value. Once those old windows wear out, there’s no sense in installing windows just like them only newer. Upgrade to hurricane windows and do the best you can for your home.

You’re Tired Of The Shutters

It seems as if this area of the country gets hit with hurricanes on a regular basis. Sometimes more than once in a hurricane season. If it’s hard work for you to get those hurricane shutters out and over your windows, you’re not alone. No one really likes doing it and it can be downright impossible for some people. It’s something you have to do to protect your house when you’re in the hurricane’s path, but it’s easily tiring. If you’re ready to be done with that chore, all you need is hurricane windows. Get those installed just one time and you have no need for shutters and the chore it takes putting them up and down every year.

You Want Lower Bills

Old windows have a tendency to cause homeowners issues when their energy bills roll through every month. They make the bills way higher than they need to be and they keep climbing on a regular basis. You know energy prices are rising, but that fast? Don’t think so! When you finally tire of it, there’s something you can do—get hurricane windows. These windows aren’t just good for hurricane situations, but also everyday life. They’ll protect your home from energy leaks fiercely and they will lower your bills right away and keep them nice and low for the duration.

When you are certain you’re ready for hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL, the professionals at High End Impact Windows & Doors are here to help. Give us a call at (954) 782-7100 and we’ll talk you through what all you need to consider to get the project going. Even if you aren’t sure whether or not you’re ready, we can help you get the information you need to make the right decision one way or the other. Stop by and see our showroom and we’ll show you some of the options in person. We’re located at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

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The Beauty Of Hurricane Windows

If you’ve never purchased hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL before, you may not know what to expect when you start looking. Hurricane windows are strong. After all, they hold up against large winds and the debris it brings along with it. But doesn’t that mean they’re gaudy and clunky? They’d have to be to hold up to all that, right? Wrong. Hurricane windows are actually quite beautiful. In fact, they don’t look much better than regular replacement windows.

Hurricane windows can be customized in any way you’d like, just like any replacement window. You can get a certain size or shape or you can get whatever color suits your home. You can get double hung, casement, or other styles. Frames have actually gotten smaller over the years instead of larger, allowing for more glass space and more natural light. Because the glass is so strong, having more glass rather than less works just fine.

These windows will give you a fresh, new look that you can’t get with your old windows, even if you paint them to look newer. Hurricane windows are bright and bring that new look to your home, even if the house is on the old side.

And there’s a lot more to the beauty of these windows other than appearances. They will show their important sides when you realize how much you can save on your energy bills because of their efficiency. Sure, any replacement window is more efficient than what you have now, but hurricane windows are especially so. If they don’t rain and wind from hurricanes through, of course they aren’t going to let small air leaks through, either. Energy efficiency is one of the most beautiful things you’ll get from hurricane windows.

And hurricane windows do their job well when it comes to holding up against hurricane winds. Those storms are scary and they’re frequent during certain seasons in Florida. When you have hurricane windows, your family and your possessions are safe because the windows won’t break, even if the winds throw a brick at them. It’s their most important job and the reason why they have their name.

If you get hurricane windows, you’ll recognize their beauty in a number of ways. Yes, they’re aesthetically pleasing and that’s important to your home’s curb appeal and interior appearance. But they do so much for your home that it makes them a beautiful choice in other ways as well.

When you are in the market for hurricane windows in Pompano Beach, FL, contact the experts at High End Impact Windows & Doors by calling (954) 782-7100. We’re here to answer your questions over the phone and help you figure out what direction you want to take. You can set up a free consultation to help you get started down the right path. We can also show you some of the windows in person if you want to see some examples. Our showroom is located at 1472 S Dixie Hwy E Pompano Beach, FL 33060. And our website is for more details on us.